September 2010


Almost all of us experience a need for some control in our lives. Whether it’s keeping to our kid’s busy after-school schedules or managing a demanding team and project agenda at work. Whilst most of us will develop strategies for controlling the things in our lives, the real fun begins when we have to deal controlling the people around us. It gets even more interesting when we are confronted by the feelings that arise from other people attempting to control us. For most of us this relationship comes into particular focus when the person trying to control us is our boss.

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When was the last time that you learned something new? School, work, on the bus?

Most of us when we are asked this question have trouble pin-pointing our last personal lesson but the reality is we are all learning new things about ourselves and the people who surround us every minute of every day. One of the primary things that I get the people I work with to consider is ‘life as a learning experience’. The difficult meeting at work, conflicts with our partners or kids or the flat tire on the car, are all opportunities for us to try out new strategies of dealing with these challenges and find new and creative solutions that help us to grow and improve as a person.

The key question that helps us to focus on these opportunities to learn is ‘what could I do differently or better next time?’

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