Heart and soul made of light
Fell to earth to experience the dark beauty of human night
Childlike teacher, full of awe
Connected to all that is, forgetfulness to endure

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I woke up a few mornings ago, sweating and racked with anxiety. I had been having bad dreams. Different dreams all night long that all had a common connecting factor. They were laced with the emotion of fear. Fear of losing the people I loved. Fear of not stepping up in my career and fulfilling my true purpose. Fear of physical harm coming to myself in a variety of forms. Dream after dream had hit me via my unconscious mind and I had woken up feeling like I had been beaten with clubs all night, rather than the truth, which was that I had been sleeping in a soft king size bed with my loving partner in a plush Florida hotel room.

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I have recently become fascinated with how human beings create and bring to life our stories – how we are able to take a dream or a vision and then turn it into a reality that can be lived, breathed and shared with those around us.

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