Over the course of my life I have had the privilege of connecting with many, many different people. People from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and ages. One of the things I have realized that we all have in common? The human affliction of the ‘I’m too busy’ disease. I have also seen this disease appearing in many different forms….

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It is a bright, chilly day and I am going out into the forest near my house in Wiltshire to deliberately get lost. To wander paths that I have never walked before and listen to what the quiet, wise voice of nature has to teach me about myself. My key lesson today – the fear and joy of getting lost. Here are some of the lessons that came to me as I wandered through the trees and sunlit forest open to listening and learning and remembering.

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One very often overlooked characteristic of light passing through and around something is that it almost always creates a shadow in its wake. As we grow and evolve as human beings, we pass through experiences in life that help us grow and expand our light. Our consciousness. The thing is at the same time as we grow in our own personal light, we also grow in our own personal shadow. The light and the shadow represent two sides of the same coin. The coin of our true whole self.

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  1. When I discover what I love to do and do it with passionate surrender, I am richer than any billionaire
  2. When I work for and with people I truly respect and can learn from, I grow beyond all my self imposed limits
  3. When I start each day thinking about what I can do to help others, it makes me feel better than any other reward on the planet
  4. To stop often to breath, smell the roses and bathe in sunshine reminds me of what’s ‘real’ in life and what it’s really all about
  5. When I tell people that they amaze me and I see the light in their eyes and heart as a result, I am showing up as love. Recognition of others is recognition of ourselves
  6. If I can keep putting one foot in front of the other even when I can’t see where the path goes, I will find my way home
  7. To trust in myself and my own intuition is one of the hardest lessons I will ever learn
  8. That it is always right to be brave and courageous
  9. When I speak the truth – it really does set me free
  10. Life is not here to be taken seriously. It is here to be lived, to be loved and to be danced with every step we take