Another day draws to a close

You sigh in relief as your mind lies – ‘it’s over’

Flickering thoughts of exhaustion, covered by hunger

Your body craves food

Physical, mental, emotional, soul food

Your cupboards are full yet you are starving

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Unity is one of those words that can mean many things and hide many secrets. We come to it when we are ready and not before, although its sweet aroma stalks us every day of our lives. The Unity Stage in the Restory Cycle is by its very nature hard to describe in words. Many teachers, saints and laymen and women have attempted to do so, each with a unique voice. And yet, like every story, these accounts feel incomplete. Unity is something we must discover ourselves.

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Eventually, we come to a point when we have been given all the information we need. This is a moment of great responsibility. It is the point when we must stop simply wandering along the trails of life and begin to carve one through the world for ourselves, using our intentions. For the first time in our journey, we shift our focus from an inward path of ‘me’ to one of outwardly dynamic giving, or ‘gifting’.

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There comes a time when we have been given all the clues we need and we are faced with a choice. The mask of our identity has started to fray around the edges and we know that transformation is knocking at our door. We reach out and touch the stories that we wish we were living, yet they remain just beyond our reach. In order to grasp them, we need to let go of everything that stands in their way.

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I believe that within every being in the universe there is a compulsion to seek: a star seeks to expand its internal heat until it burns its bright life out; a plant, forging upwards, seeks the light of the sun so it can grow and expand; a bird seeks its nesting place so it can reproduce and fulfill its primal urges; and human beings seek to find our true place, story and reason for existing so we can come to peace and happiness within our hearts and souls. It’s a quest that we often can’t put into words yet it’s ever present, lurking underneath the surface of our thoughts, feelings and actions in every moment of our lives.

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