Have you ever had one of those days where you have woken up and feel slightly out of place?
A few seconds off the pace?
Annoyed by loud noises or people getting in your way?
By things not arriving or people not responding?
Yep me too.

Have you ever wished you could just crawl back under your quilt?
Or hide away from the world for just a day?
Wanted to spend some time speaking just to yourself?
Or perhaps not speaking at all
Or thinking
Just feeling
Yep me too

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were to die today?
Would people notice the gap left behind
Or think of you as they go about their doing in their days
Yep me too

Sometimes we need to feel lost in order to know found
Sometimes we choose to feel ‘not quite there’
So we can know when we hit the spot
Sometimes we need to loose our groove
So we can jump right back into again

Contrast breeds awareness
Creates gratitude
Helps us to know
Who we are
You too?


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Reflections of Grace  
  1. It is more often quiet than loud
  2. It speaks the language of the heart
  3. It dances in light and dark
  4. It connects every living and dying thing
  5. It is the force behind miracles
  6. She / he appears in many guises
  7. It is there at our beginning and our ending
  8. It seduces us into our greatest adventures
  9. It allows us to let go and to let in
  10. It unifies and separates
  11. Grace is a gift given through the eyes, the breath, the kiss
  12. You are its holy longing
  13. It is what makes you ... you