Big Island, Hawaii

Sept 30th – Oct 5th 2018

A quest into the heart of your unique story and the magic of life on earth

Deep inside we all have a longing to rediscover and reawaken to the power of our true story. Are you ready to discover the truth of your real desires hiding underneath the busyness and overwhelm of your life?


Embark on a creative quest into the heart and soul of your unique story led by Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories and guest mentor, Daniella See. We will embark on a journey into the lush jungles and powerful volcanoes of Hawaii, embarking on an adventure to remember the lost parts of our story & reconnect to the magic and wonder of life.


Do you find yourself longing to have more of an impact in the world? Alone we have the ability to make a difference: together we become even more powerful. To move from a story of ‘me’ to one of ‘we’ involves a deep process of transformation. This is a coaching journey like no other that will take you on a unique adventure into the core of your souls calling and human legacy. This journey is not for everyone. It is reserved for those special people who are ready to surrender who they thought they were here to be, in order to become the guiding lights of our future world.



  • Delve deeply into your personal story using a variety of experiential exercises and guided tools to uncover your inner mythic landscape and future potential
  • Visit the ancient sacred sites on the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Create a vision of your future that inspires and catalyzes personal and collective transformation
  • Have dedicated personal mentoring time with Genevieve and Daniella to assist you in manifesting the story of your dreams



  • Reconnect to and remember how to hear the voice of the living planet
  • Learn to hear your unique inner voice and story thread
  • Cleanse your physical body through a healthy organic diet, meditation and time in nature
  • Discover yoga and ancient nature based healing practices to restore your body, mind and soul



Genevieve Boast

Genevieve Boast

Founder / Beyond Human Stories

A life adventurer, whistleblower and insatiable optimist, Genevieve has always leapt off the cliffs that life has offered her into the potential of the unknown. Prior to running her own social enterprise Emergency Happiness, she spent 10 years working in the fields of Continuous Improvement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Leadership Development. Her current business, Beyond Human Stories, continues that passion – working with people and organisations, creating new stories and paradigms in education, business and global society. She has recently completed an Msc in Responsible Sustainable Business and continues that work in the fields of new business and sustainability. Having worked with and alongside teams from Serco, BSkyB, Sky Deutschland, The Change Foundation, Accenture and Coventry University, London Business School, she currently travels the world as a speaker, facilitator and coach working with a wide and diverse range of people helping them master the art and science of story-making.

Daniella See

Daniella See

Guest Mentor / Sky Deutschland

Daniella is the current Managing Director of the Sky Deutschland Service Centre. She is an expert mentor and works with catalyst change agents across multiple brands in journalism, finance and health. She has worked with Genevieve in various forms for over 6 years and has personally seen and experienced the power of story making in her own life. She also is a passionate advocate for nature based healing modalities and meditation.

Group sizes are limited to 8 to create an intimate and unique journey for our participants. We operate on a first called, first in basis!



Hawaii – The Island of Magic and Transformation

“The locals say the Big Island is a transformational place to visit. Stories tell us of the goddess Pele, who dwells in the island, as the mistress of divine passion, manifestation and of the eternal cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Life is constantly in motion here just like the new land that is born through the lava beneath your feet.”

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life, Genevieve Boast, 2018

The Big Island of Hawaii is a unique power spot on earth. Those who are called here are blessed to be among the very few who have a chance to experience the power and beauty of this land first hand. It is one of the only places on the planet where you will experience life on an active volcano. Due to its size and topography, there is a wide array of ecosystems to be explored and adventured in. From its unique place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are lush tropical jungles, high snow capped mountains, lush grasslands and newly formed lava flow habitats. The very earth around you is pulsing with life and mythic messages if only you have the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the heart to feel.


Hawaii Island Retreat

An exquisite Eco-Boutique Hotel and Nature Spa, nestled on the coast in the Kapaau region of Hawaii. Here you can relax and adventure on 50 acres of organic gardens, tropical forest and ancient valley trails. Hawaii Island Retreat nourishes the earth as well as the people who find their way here. It is a sanctuary of peace, where you can return to yourself.

We are asking participants to book your accommodation directly with Hawaii Island Retreat. This is to ensure that you select a specific space that allows you to relax, reconnect and tune in to your unique journey.


This price includes

  • 6 day immersive retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii
  • A personal one to one narrative mentoring session with Daniella and Genevieve
  • All related course materials
  • 3 x Yoga classes
  • Transport and entry to the Volcano National Park, Mauna Kea National Park, Pu’uhonua Honaunau National Park, Hapuna Sands Beach Park
  • Breakfast and 2 x dinners at the Hawaii Island Retreat
  • Airport transfers
  • VAT (for UK only)

This price excludes

  • Flights to and from Kona, Big Island Hawaii
  • Accommodation at Hawaii Island Retreat for the 6 nights of the journey (a variety of accommodation options are available to choose from)
  • Lunches and some dinners
  • Hire car – should you choose to hire your own vehicle for excursions outside of the retreat schedule
  • Any additional activities or excursions outside of the retreat schedule including all massages, treatments and ancillaries at Hawaii Island Retreat
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • USA Visa (where appropriate)

50% deposit is required on booking to secure your place (see our Journey Terms and Conditions for full details). The remaining 50% will need to be paid 60 days prior to the start date for the trip. Please contact us at to obtain further details or receive answers to any additional questions you may have.


If you are feeling the call to adventure, answer it! Say a big 'YES!' to the true story of your one and precious life