Every so often I come across a story that stops me dead in my tracks.

A memory so raw and real that it brings tears to my eyes and makes me breathe deeply into the beautiful paradox of our human lives. This Wisdom Story is just such a sharing. I am honoured to offer this out to you all with the author’s permission as an expression of the joy and light that can be found in the darkness. May it remind you of the deeper purpose hidden in our fear. May you breathe in the sweet freedom that waits when we can restory our human darkness into our human light.

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When we were kids, many of us would have heard the story of the genie that lived in a magic lamp and would appear when you rubbed it to grant you three wishes. Few of us however, would have believed the truth hidden within the metaphor of this ‘fairy-tale’.


Every story has a grain of truth within it, and yet it is partial.

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I have recently discovered that I am a master of deception. Self–deception primarily.


I finally realized this about myself after waking up for the 100th night in a row, wracked with anxiety and stress from multiple known and unknown sources that I have become incredibly skilled at ignoring my emotions.

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