I have long been away from my writing.
A process of metamorphosis has been underway.

And now as my new wings dry having emerged from a chrysalis, I bring to you a very different kind of story.
One that is coming from a place way beyond the ‘me’ that many of you have come to know.


In 2017 something miraculous happened to me.
I was on a visit to Sacred Ground in the September of what had been an intense year personally, professionally and soulfully.

I was tired and wrung out emotionally.
I was seeking something more meaningful in my life, tired of endless material world distractions.

So, one morning as I was sleeping downstairs in Tanah’s meditation room, I had an experience from beyond this world.

I drifted between waking and sleeping as an ancient being came to me.
He was familiar and known and carried in his gaze a million secrets.

He asked me to come with him into the halls of wisdom beyond all time.
I did so in the full knowledge that I was about to remember something important.

I found myself seated in the middle of a solid black onyx table.
Around the outside were sparkling crystals of multiple colours and hues.
Each one glittering at me with a hidden message.

As I looked up at the being with me, he spoke in a wordless language to my soul.

“It is time for you to learn about the krystal, alchemical keys”.

And with that, each of the crystals began to vibrate and pulse with their own unique energy. They each sent out a beam of light that connected to my solar plexus and harmonised with my energy fields.

And as ‘I’ disappeared into an ocean of light, I gently came back into waking awareness laying on the floor of the meditation room in Sacred Ground once again.

So from here on, I will be sharing these keys with you each week in writing.
They each have their own essence energy and vibration.
It will be they, not I that speaks to you.

What message they have, I do not yet know.
And like you, I am excited to find out.

So, I am inviting you to embark on this adventure into the unknown energy fields of the Universe with me.

Beyond Me.
Beyond We.

Into All.

Take my hand.
Join your heart with mine.
Let your soul look into the eyes of eternity with me.

Let’s remember together.

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