For those of you who are unfamiliar with astrology, this weekend saw one of the most pivotal conjunctions of two planets in our solar system that we will encounter this decade: Pluto and Saturn. Now I am not an expert in astrology, nor astronomy, nor physics, but I do spend a lot of time adventuring in the archetypal realm trying to understand and experience the impact that certain archetypal characters (in this case Pluto and Saturn) have on our stories, psychology and actions.


My friend Richard Olivier from Mythodrama would describe these two characters as Saturn ‘The Strategist’ and Pluto ‘The Transformer’. Both have their light and dark characteristics and in combination have a habit of throwing all our deep patterns of control, fear and trauma in our face to be seen, heard and well…transformed!


Saturn is often associated with time, structure, boundaries, order and tradition. Rather than being purely constrictive, he can also offer you liberation from habits and patterns that have become just a little too confining or stuck!


Whereas Pluto is often seen as the hidden one, the trickster or the shaman who sneaks up on you in the dark and shows you the parts of yourself that you have been hiding away in your subconscious basement, trying to ignore. He offers us the gift of metamorphosis and alchemy if we are willing to meet and dance with him.


Try to ignore these two at your peril – believe me I have tried.


So as I moved as quietly as I could through the weekends astrological events, I paid attention to the conversations I was having, the dreams that came to me and the stories that caught my attention on social media, email and through the mouths of passers by in the street.I noticed a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear and a lot of anger coming up for people. I heard stories using words like ‘breakdown’, ‘apocalypse’, ‘collapse’ and even ‘war’.


Of course, all of these things are entirely possible in a world that appears to have gone mad in so many ways. Perhaps Pluto and Saturn coming into direct conjunction with each other is the sign of global collapse just as so many people are saying.


Or perhaps there is something deeper and more personal that they are inviting us into.


My sense of things as I walked through the Avebury landscape this weekend was that these two archetypes are actually here to remind us that every breakdown holds the possibility of a breakthrough. That every emergency germinates the seed of emergence. That when we let go of our control drama’s and need for structure and order, we invite in limitless creativity, innovation and evolution!


They showed me where I was still afraid and therefore holding on to old social stories that are fast dying out.


They showed me where – with a few heartfelt choices to give up drama and welcome in flow – I would irrevocably change my story, timeline and journey. For good.


No more excuses. No more hiding.


So that’s what I did. Hand in hand with one of my oldest friends. We laughed, we played and we did some simple ceremonies to set new intentions for a whole new age on Earth.


Sounds fanciful? Perhaps.

Sounds fun… definitely.


The biggest hack to your happiness, your vitality, your health and your sense of connection in 2020 and beyond will come through the way you choose to ‘restory’ what is happening in the world around you. Day by day, event by event.


No one else can reframe disaster but you.


No one else can make things better until you choose to see your glass as half full.


And no one else can choose to take a deep breath in the moments when you are dancing with Pluto and make you smile at the absurdity of the human story and its often contradictory nature!


Derail the immune system of your old story and add a new one into your world as a benign virus that fuels your agency, purpose, playfulness and vision for the next phase of your life.

Let Saturn take your hand and give you a new plan for a new time on Earth.


Let Pluto, make you laugh at your mistakes and transform tradition into transition.

We are entering into a whole new time on our beautiful planet.


It’s time to appreciate it.

It’s time to transform.



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