Universal balance


Is not stasis


Neither is it fixed in time



Balance is our ability to become clear and pure


A channel for the Universal to flow through and within


Our quest is to embrace the tough with the exhilaration


Allow challenge and shadow to be our alchemical friends


Energies that hone our gifts to gold



Balance is dynamic equilibrium


A constant readjusting force that moves us into the right position at the right time


An evolutionary pulse that draws us ever out of our comfort zones


And into unknown territory



Balance whispers to us when it is time to desist


And when we need to persist


Showing us our resistance in the process



Balance is not stability


Neither is it consistency


Balance throws us up in the air so that we can realign around a higher pattern



Our world is in a dance of constant rebalancing

So is your world


And mine



Can we embrace this force?


Can we love its chaos and its eros?


Can we surrender to its pulse and enjoy its movements?



Balance is the force of life


And so are you



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