These are the times when we grow

I found myself writing this to a friend this evening.


This week my husband and I decided to start self-isolating.

Amongst the perceived confusion and chaos currently being experienced in the UK (and across the globe) due to the fast spreading COVID-19, there is a benign virus emerging and its called surrender.


Things have moved pretty fast in a short few weeks I think you would agree?


No longer can we deny our global interconnection.

No more can we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that borders are secure, futures are predictable and comfort zones are forever.


No more.


The world is changing all around us and all we have left in many instances are our stories about what this change means.


As I have written about many times, our stories can either enable us to transform and grow, or they can bring us perpetually back around to negative loops of victimhood. The only thing we can influence is our choice as to which mythology we live within.


Every story has both a light, and a dark side.

The question is, can you distinguish between the two?


The familiar story of social collapse and apocalypse can be devastating to those who are attached to things remaining the same. Especially those of us (most people in the first world) who have been privileged enough to live lives of abundance and plenty through the perpetuation of capitalism.


The same story can be liberating if you are at the wrong end of the social power system and are desperate for change, no matter what this may bring. In this instance you will feel empowered and excited by the prospect of the unknown, even if what’s coming is scary and chaotic.


Every story has a truth and a challenge.


The apocalypse story has been repeated throughout the ages, relating to civilisations, world views and lands. It is one that has become ingrained in the human psyche through our DNA memory and our myth. To a degree, there is an inherent truth to its unfolding and many of us could argue that we have been seeing the signs of its coming all around us for decades.

However, with the ‘truth’ the story also brings its challenge.


Can we evolve enough in our thinking, speaking and acting to change the outcome this time?



Then again, perhaps not.

Perhaps we will change the outcome but its effect will be imperceivable for generations to come.


Or perhaps we already are changing it, with every single word we read,

Or say,

Or write.


Every time we straddle the paradox of the light and the dark, seeing both as presenting a truth and a challenge in our thinking, speaking and doing, we are able to evolve beyond the historical patterns that have led to past apocalyptic events.


Every time we surrender and embrace change, no matter if we can see its eventual outcome, we are transforming our DNA and the stories of our ancestors who largely felt victimised and helpless in the face of the changes they experienced.


And we are by no means helpless.


Today we move into the Spring Equinox. The day in the Northern hemisphere where there is an equal amount of day-light to night-dark.


This is a time of magic and alchemy where we get to choose ‘active surrender’ and ‘joyful hope’. A time where we can offer our gifts to our family and community because they need it and we need to give it.


A moment when we can embrace both the truth and the challenge of our times and become the still point between night and day.


From here, the whole world changes.


What will you choose?

Benign or harmful?

Growth or victimhood?


Surrender and see how powerful you really are.


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