Have you ever heard the phrase ‘being in the world but not of it’? This has been rolling through my head increasingly over the last few weeks as I have moved from one seemingly tumultuous political environment to another. Whether the politics being played out are personal, organisational or national doesn’t really matter. It’s all made of the same messy human narratives that have the potential to suck us into their vortex of fear of the unknown! The process of breaking down in order to eventually breakthrough is one that few of us are ‘good at’. Indeed, I would challenge whether anyone living through times of intense chaos and transformation gets ‘good at the process’ when they are in the middle of it!


My solution to the turbulence of my internal and external world has been to reserve a secret part of my consciousness to sit quietly in the background and observe the scenes unfolding around her.


She has patiently listened, watching for the seen and unseen dynamics. Noticing what has been said and left unsaid.


She has sensed in her body the pain of unexpressed fear, the untapped exhilaration of hidden vision and the embarrassment of words spoken in hasty anger.


She spotted when those we were talking to, let go and spoke truth rather than platitudes. She gave them human points.


Most of all she took me by the hand more than once and led me out beyond the human world into the wider ecosystem of our planet. I found a quiet spot underneath a large ‘Tree Of Heaven’ (yes, that really is it’s name) and sat for 30 minutes each day.


As I sat there, she repeatedly ‘shhhhh’d’ my overactive brain that wanted to label the plants and animals that came into our world. She reminded me to breathe really deeply and relax my tense muscles that were clenched with the winter cold. Then in the relative silence, she would put her arms around me and communicate one overarching emotion above all else.



Quiet joy.

Instant joy.

Ever-present joy.


The joy that comes from knowing that we are alive. That we have been blessed with another day of adventure. That we have so much to be grateful for.


Joy is the ultimate story hack to a busy, stressed out mind.

Joy is the fastest way to dispel our sense of self-judgment for not being enough.

Joy is the turbocharger for attracting new opportunities your way.


In the few days since I have allowed her to lead me out to the garden, I have had more exciting epiphanies and new opportunities than in the previous 12 months.

She works fast, my inner observer. All I had to do was allow her to do her thing.


What have you noticed about your story lately?

Have you been listening?


If not – you are very, very normal in our crazy world. But if you want to become abnormal and therefore a bit of a rebel, perhaps you could think about being in the world but not of it.


Your choice.

Your inner observer could change everything.


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