Between darkness and light there is a magic place

It is a place of harmony and fusion

Of alchemy and compassion


Between darkness and light is peace


Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox.

An ancient power time on Earth where we have perfectly equal amounts of day light and night dark.


It might sound strange given everything that we currently have swirling around us in the outer world but as I start to slow down and tune into the energy of these days, I find myself sinking into a deep sense of peace and tranquillity.


This often happens for me at these thresholds between the end of one season and the beginning of another. And after all, the outer world is but a stage for everything that takes place on the inner one.


The Equinox doorway gives us an energetically charged window of celebration, reflection and intention. We can take stock of what was learned in the previous three months, what we wish to let go of and what intentions we have for moving ahead.


Yet I find that sometimes reflections can bring on all the shadows of inner self-doubt and criticism. In contemplating what has unfolded within the play of our lives, we can often unlock the art critic who passes judgement on all the areas where we have not lived up to the script or forgotten our lines.


Thing is – the script a lot of people are living was never written by them.


This might sound obvious at the outset as we all know that we tend to live parts of our lives governed by the expectations of others (whether the other is culture, government or social media…..) but very few of us question this on a regular basis. Even fewer challenge their assumptions or throw them out the window entirely.


What is it that you are most afraid of right now?

Yes – right now in this very moment?


When did that storyline write itself into the ‘shadow narrative’ of your life?

Can you pinpoint its director?

Maybe it was something you were fed as a child from a parental movie?

Or maybe it’s a cultural stigma you have absorbed as you matured into your role as an adult?


Perhaps you could take a moment to bring your fear stories out of the shadows and into the light of your conscious awareness.


Light in the world is now increasing. It has been since the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st when we moved through the shortest day of the year.


In order for light to increase in your world, you need to choose it.

And the only way to do this is by embracing everything that lays in the darkness of your subconscious. As Carl Jung would tell us all – the imaginal realm is a vast inner territory where we meet ourselves in different guises everywhere we go.


The ‘shadowlands’ of our souls hold mysteries and magic.

They feed us truth in the depth of the night as we dream.

They infiltrate our day worlds through synchronicity and intuition, guiding us forwards into greater and greater authenticity.


My grandfather was famous for saying “all creativity begins in the dark”.


I have since added “and is then birthed into the light through our willingness to surrender to a bigger story than we have been living up until now”.


At this time of power as we move through the Equinox tomorrow and into a new quarter of energy on Earth, what assumptions will you question and then surrender to a bigger vision?


Will you let go of the darkness that have been infiltrating your inner world from the stories and movies of the outer planes?


Fresh water cannot flow into a cup that is already full.

Why not create some space?

Bring some light to your shadows.


Embrace the alchemy that comes from the midpoint between darkness and light.


A new story is waiting to be born from within the creative darkness of your soul.

Will you embrace it?



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