Can you let go?


Of all you have known.


Of all you have been?


Of all the stories you thought you were here to live.



Can you release everything that is on your ‘to do list’?


Burn your bucket list?


Dissolve your goals into the ocean of mystery?



Because if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we must learn to expect the unexpected.


The people we once ‘knew’ ourselves to have been, have irrevocably changed.

They died along with the belief that we have control over the events in the outer world.


The myth’s we once lived by are disintegrating and the illusionary power systems they upheld, fading like the leaves on the trees.



And this is the greatest gift that we have been given.

The ability to surrender into truth.


Not outer truth.

This is always relative.


Inner truth.

Universal truth.

The truth that only you will know when you feel it in your bones.


The gift of inner dominion.

Of self-sovereignty.

Of self-awareness cutting through the outer doctrine like a knife.


The doorway to this gift is surrender.


Surrender to nothing other than the present moment.


The past no longer exists.

The future is yet to be created.


Cliché I know but never more true than now.


The present moment is like the mid-point in an infinity loop.

It is the point of absolute power and dominion through awareness.

The moment of stillness before movement begins.


When we are present and aware of our inner landscape – its desires, its needs, its dreams, and its gifts – then we are able to bring the full force of our being to each and every moment.


We live unadulterated.




We exist pure and concentrated as awareness.


And this power is released through a complete surrender to what is.

To the flow of life happening around us, moment to moment.

Breath to breath.

Heartbeat to heartbeat.


And when we take action from this pure place of inner truth we live according to Divine law.

Surrender takes us beyond human stories and rules.

And deeply into the weft and weave of the Universe.


So, I ask you again, can you surrender?

And start to live and love beyond the confines of control?


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