So we have jumped off the cliff into potential annihilation (of our way of life and ego identity).


We have crossed the threshold and entered into the forest of our imagination, seeking a new vision of what is possible.


And we are lost.

Well and truly lost.


We feel confusion, despair, doubt.


And this is exactly how it should be.

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A New Story Of Money

What if… there was no such thing as money? We are living through interesting times where many of the systems that uphold civilisation as we know it are beginning to transform. Some call it a crisis, others an opportunity.   As Naomi Klein rightly states as she paraphrases Milton Freidman, “When that crisis occurs, the […]
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The Art of Lockdown Cocooning

A key aspect of creating transformation in your life is a deep reconnection with the natural world, taking our cues from Mother Nature and slowing down to her pace. What reveals itself when we do this is wonderfully transformative, but it takes faith and patience to walk this path and in these days of technological […]
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As human ‘beings’ I believe that we have always sought a higher vision.


Whether this seeking is connected to our aspirations for our personal life, or the search for higher and more evolved forms of collective social purpose, we are naturally ‘questing’ creatures, constantly striving to know more, to be more and to experience more.


In the fast changing and tumultuous times we now find ourselves living in, our human hunger for ‘more’ can be seen for what it truly is – a force that is both enabling and destructive.


Hunger itself is neither bad nor good – it is simply the catalyst for a response to the call of evolution. When aligned with the classical hero’s journey, the traits of human hunger can be seen as either destructive or creative depending on our individual and collective response to them.

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Yes, we are approaching Spring and Easter, but that is not why I am feeling called to write a storyhack with this title.


I was compelled to get up this morning, come down to my kitchen table and start writing because I realised that this is the story of my life.


Your life too I believe.


The saying that ‘life is full of death….’ may sound like a cliché, but let’s stop for a moment and consider those words.


Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that ‘life evolves through a series of mini deaths’, each one a shedding of an old way of living, an outworn belief, or even a global system that is long past the time of it being useful to ALL.


And ALL is the watch word of this decade. Watch and see.

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