Change is happening all the time.

Moment to moment, second to second.


Sometimes we notice it and sometimes we don’t.

Especially when we feel stuck, trapped or in a Groundhog Day loop.


But change is inevitable and absolute.

A Universal force of evolutionary momentum.

And what steers this essence of creation and its manifestation?

Our choices.

Our beliefs.

Our decision about where to place our energy and when.


We are the navigators of our lives.

It’s our hands on the tillers that determine which way we choose to travel.


The Universe and our journey within it, feels like a spiral of consciousness to me these days.

Ultimately, we are faced with the same lessons again and again but each time we meet them, we come to the tests at a higher stage of awareness and frequency.


Have you ever thought to yourself in a moment of frustration, ‘why am I going through this scenario / challenge / situation again? I thought I had dealt with this,’.


Well, you did.

And you will again.

This is the nature of the spiral.


Those of us who came into this life to learn about overcoming victimhood, will face people, places, and situations again and again where we are seemingly victimised.

Not as punishment you understand but as an opportunity to face each lesson with greater degrees of sovereignty and confidence.


Change but change with wisdom,” is a phrase my mother repeats to me often.


For most of my life, I have been the mistress of change and transformation.

Change was my elixir.

Stagnation my Kryptonite.


Yet to just chase newness and novelty, creates the same cycles of lessons repeatedly with no real growth or progression.


Thus, we must learn from our past cycles and germinate our wisdom seeds so that they can be planted in the fertile soil of our experiences.


The fruit we harvest from our wisdom tree, is the sweetest because it comes from years and lifetimes of tending to our lessons.


The cycles of growth, death, decay, rebirth spiral around and around eternally but we have the opportunity to choose how we move through them.


Blindly or with vision.

With trust or with doubt.

The choice is ours.


Wisdom is cultivated from seeming ‘failures’ and ‘mistakes.

This is how we learn and evolve.


Continually changing with wisdom, entails that our awareness intervenes in the crucial moments when we are about to repeat a cycle mindlessly.


In these moments we have the ability to make a new micro-choice (or perhaps even a macro one) that shifts the experience and the cycle to a new octave of vibration and therefore experience.


Then we rise up the spiral instead of going around in circles.


When we look out at the world right now, the phrase ‘history repeats itself’ appears to be very true.


Yet our response to external factors can be revolutionary every time we come into relationship with them.


Will we repeat old behaviours and judgements again, manifesting the same patterns, beliefs, and experiences.


Or will we pause to listen and reflect on what we might choose differently this time that will shift the whole system?


A single choice can change the whole world.

You can make yours to change with wisdom right now.

And tomorrow.

And the next day too.


Choice is ever fresh and never runs out.

It is up to us which direction we travel on the spiral of change.

Change with wisdom.

Not ignorance.

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