Code 21 – SPACE

Alchemical key code 21



“Space allows transformation to happen”


Space is not empty.


It is pure potentia.


For transformation to occur there must be a container into which the transforming matter can flow and evolve.


It is an ancient alchemical law.


The prima materia is both the beginning and the end.


The hermetic vessel simply a container in which alchemical transformation is bound until complete.


Space is needed in every step of evolution.


Without it, the vessel cannot be filled with new light and new information.


An overfull container has no space for change.


We are each a container for wisdom.

Space is needed within each one of us in order to change and grow.


To create space we must let go.

Of all we have been and all we have known.

In order to transform.


Space must be created on a continual basis.

If we are evolve.


We can never know everything.

Nor will we ever be finished evolving.


So Space must be created.

Inside of us.

So that we may alchemise.

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