Alchemical key code 46



“When true peace is achieved, transmutation occurs”


Peace is an inner cellular mitosis.


The moment we recognise its inherent presence in each molecule of our being, it explodes into a wave of essence energy overtaking everything we have been.


Each cell harmonising with the order of the Universe.


It is radically simple in its manifestation.

All that is needed is to recognise that we already possess its power.


True peace requires nothing other than a surrender to perfection.

And a relinquishing of all our previous agendas.


Peace dissolves all in its path and creates a space of ultimate calm from which transmutation unfolds.


Peace cannot co-exist with pressure or pain.

Therefore, in order for it to take hold, all that stands in its way must subside.


Nor is peace an end of suffering. More the foundation from which all suffering can be embraced back into the arms of the divine.


When we surrender to peace, transmutation suddenly has permission to unfold.


It is the process by which we evolve and alchemise into completely new beings and flows through us like a wave when we are finally ready to let go.


Peace is that which is left after the storm of transmutation.

Each cell glowing with rediscovered wisdom.


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