From here we begin.

A journey within.

Each code has been described as “a story lens that digitise quantum molecules into form“.







Alchemical key code 56



Regeneration flows naturally after a mini death”


The land is calling us home.

The Earth is singing to us all a new song.


Can you hear it?

Have you stopped long enough to feel it?


Simultaneously death is all around us.

Indeed it is an ever present part of our existence in this world.

It is undeniable.


It is a spark.

A doorway if you will.


That leads to this key code.

Regeneration exists within the cells of every form.

An eternal essence that activates when the right internal and external circumstances are achieved.


The Earth is formed, destroyed and reformed through the alchemical algorithms held in these codes.

Regeneration is the wave of creation that sweeps in and co-creates new elemental realities.

New waves of consciousness that assist in the evolutionary pattern.

Yet this can only happen once death has worked its magic.


Regeneration is experienced as a pulse of frequency.

Unpredictable for the mind of the old stories.

Unknown to all that has been.


But this is the gift of this code.

The new cannot be known until it has been birthed.

It cannot be birthed until the old has passed away.


To birth the regenerative frequencies we must first let go of all that which is ready to die.

We must grieve and then rejoice.

The exquisite and excruciating balance that gives way to regeneration from higher octaves of creation.



For regeneration is your death right.


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