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“Playfulness leads to evolution”

Life is a play during which we take on many roles and wear many masks.


The key is in that word, (as a friend reminded me today).




How often do we forget the JOY in the play of our life?


All the while taking our acting role so very seriously.


True evolution happens when joy is present.

When we are allowing fun to guide our evolutionary process.


The chemicals in our brains learn in new ways when we are en-joying the act of living.


Fear, sadness, depression all block the hormones needed by the human body to feel pleasure and satisfaction as well as maintain health.


So, the only way to grow and expand is to enter play with abandon.


To drop all the expectations, rules and dogmas that try to tell us that we cannot have fun whilst we are moving through our lives.


To play, we must stop taking our role so seriously and remember that humans were made as creature of joy.


You just need to spend time around a child to know that this is our original state.






Play reminds us of who we really are.

Without play, we live in forgetting.

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