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“Stasis occurs when we are at the threshold of transformation”



There is immense power in the moment of pause.


Yet often our human frustration, dissatisfaction and expectation steals any sense of choice and sovereignty from us.

Stasis is a sovereign gift from the Universe.


We are each born with the capability to stop the world from spinning around us.

Yet to do so requires that we realise our power.


This micro moment of self-knowledge unlocks our creatorship.

Yet to do so means we must become comfortable with periods of non-movement.


Pregnant pauses before the real transformational process can begin.


The calm before the storm.

The moment of stasis in the midst of chaos.


Stasis is not stagnation.

But rather a doorway into the void of all that has been and all that is yet to become.


It is the moment between in breath and out breath.

The place of no-thing and all-things.


To allow stasis is to welcome in synchronicity.

To embrace stasis is to embrace our highest capacity to consciously create.


Stasis is the threshold between one reality dying and another beginning.

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