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“Sanctity is found in any moment of an awareness of God”



The very word ‘God’ has many connotations yet in its essence it means ‘origin’.


So, what is your origin story?


Who or even what do you believe yourself to be?

And is that story serving you to become more sanctified in your own skin?


We are each holy and magical.

Each manifest being is sacred whether we know ourselves to be so or not.


So, in any moment when we sense into our shared origin and unified source, we become sanctity.


For ourselves and all.


Sanctification is a process of awareness.

Of seeing, hearing, and sensing our true origins.


Of knowing that we are born of prima materia and source.

The very matter of transformation.


Of realising that we create the entire world around us.

And that we have a choice to be holy.

To know that we are sanctified in each and every moment we realise that we are God.

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