Alchemical key code 82



“We absorb our destiny one step at a time”


The energy of the Universe flows when we find ourselves in alignment with our soul deepest desires.


Our desires when purified through the fires of life, act as signposts for our destiny.

Destiny is both set and created.


Like dew drops, the signs are all around us as to the path that is most fitting to our evolution however, we must pay exquisite attention in order to drink of their nectar.


Our lives invite us to absorb every lesson and test.

To absorb them means we must be open and willing.

As we live one day at a time, we either open or close in incremental moments.


To live with a heart wide open to both joy and pain, grief and grace, is to welcome absorption in its highest form.


To close and protect is to deny the pulse of life and evolution.


We must be willing to be gradually carved open to everything.

Only in this place of complete surrender can we absorb our destiny as it comes to us.


And not a moment sooner.



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