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“God creates by listening”


To really listen means we must lose our self – completely.


Lose every story.

Every thread of identity.

Every opinion.

Our beliefs.

Our judgements.


These are all things that get in the way.

Of being quiet enough to truly listen to the voice of creation.


God began by listening.

Great Spirit is the essence of presence.

Every cell a listening receptor to the evolutionary impulse.


To listen means we embrace the dark and light in equal measure.

All creation begins in the dark.

And sparks the light.


To instigate, we first must become passive.

Quiet enough to discern the noise from intuition.

To hear the voice of self over other.

And ultimately come to know both as one.


So in times of darkness, listen.

Allow the impulse of receptivity to overcome you.

To permeate every cell of your soul.


Then when you have no other sense of boundary.

Become All.

Become the listening of creation.



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