The world is constantly in motion.

Thus, things are always changing.

Transformation is constant and never ending.


The alchemical principle of vibration tells us that nothing ever rests and that everything is in a cycle of change and transformation.


Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The great Third Hermetic Principle–the Principle of Vibration–embodies the truth that motion is manifest in everything in the Universe–that nothing is at rest–that everything moves, vibrates, and circles.

The Kyballion


Any group, be it a company, community, or family are all containers for alchemy to happen. Companies of the future know this and place evolution at the core of who they are and how they operate. The principle of vibration is always in operation which means that whether seen or unseen, change is inevitable.


And by its very nature, alchemy needs a constant influx of new energy, resources, and ideas for in order for change and evolution to happen.


Over the years, I have been honoured to act as an alchemical agent in the companies within which I have worked.


I do this by coming in and listening to the system / stories that are creating the current trajectory and narrative. I then work with the individuals within that container to establish the course change they wish to enact and create plans and energy to shift the collective vibrations for that transformation to become a reality.


The principle of vibration acts through individuals coming together and manifesting collective vision.


Thus, the old saying of ‘where two or more are gathered, there I AM” has particular relevance to the speed and power of any story of evolution.


These last few weeks, I have been telling the evolutionary story of Equinox.

A company whose vision has drawn me into its vortex and held me in my own state of changing vibration for the last four years.


The dream of Equinox started with two lovers travelling through Asia, discovering kombucha.


The lovers came back home and started to brew living kombucha cultures in their kitchen.


They met a third, angel investor who fell in love with the vision and added his energy to the container of the small company, helping its vibration and frequency to grow.


An oath was sworn on a rooftop in Egypt and the journey of two friends was changed forever.


More people joined the evolving company, and the vibration changed and increased.


I was slowly drawn into the Equinox molecular structure and balanced my friend’s masculine energy with my feminine creative spark.


Our team grew.

Our products multiplied.

Our customer base expanded.

Our social and environmental impact gestated and then came to life.


And now we find ourselves here, today, ready to shift our frequency once again.

The alchemy never stops.

We never cease changing.


The magic is in our awareness of this Universal principle.

Vibration creates evolution.


Equinox is evolving

We are transforming, expanding, and catalysing

Today we launch our first ever crowd funding campaign.


We are inviting our family, our community, and our future co-creators to join us for the next stage of our evolutionary journey.


For this is a special story in the making.

It is a special team of people who have brought it to this stage of its journey.

And it will be a special group of supporters who will help it evolve to the next chapter.


Will you join us in the creative journey of a grassroots business that has the power to change all our worlds?

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