This week I found myself reflecting.


This Wednesday was the 11th November 2020.




If you are a student of numerology like my mother or astrology like several of my friends this was an important date for many reasons. Master numbers, planetary conjunctions, Universal forces coming into form. The story of potential was big.


And yet amongst all the bigness of what is undoubtedly happening in the world right now, I found myself reflecting on the journey of the last 9 year cycle for me (9 being the number of endings and beginnings).


Nine years ago was 11.11.11 (11th Nov 2011). I remember exactly where I was at 11:11 am on that date and how different my life was then compared to the being that I have become now. My identity has undergone a complete reconfiguration in that period of time. My work has changed utterly and the people I now find myself surrounded with, far more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined.


Steve Jobs was famous for saying that “we can never join the dots of our life circumstances when we are living inside of them, but we can look back and see the powerful magic that has unfolded through our decisions and synchronicities”.


The last 9 years has gifted me with some powerful magic indeed.

It has brought me to people, places and opportunities that I never would have dreamed of on the 11th Nov 2011 but then perhaps I did dream them. Deep inside my soul.


This grand cycle of time has taught me many things (often the hard way).


Things like


Authenticity is more important that confidence


Risk taking always leads to new adventures


Trusting our ‘gut’ is the fastest route to wisdom


The Earth is our teacher and our mirror


To restory means we need to let go and let good into our lives


To surrender means we must let go of everything we thought we were here to be and allow the mystery to catch us, romance us and love us into a new person…again and again and again.



When was the last time you allowed yourself to remember the exact day 9 years ago?


Can you?


How present are you each and every day of your life so that when the time comes, you can stand in the future and look back, joining your dots of magic?


Perhaps today is the day you will remember 9 years from now?



I have learned to cherish the person I am now because that will inevitably change. Something that is bittersweet and yet so human.


To cherish the places I live in and the people I love.

Because sometimes they disappear and that is also part of life.


To be inspired by the grand cycles of change in the world and yet fully present in the smaller ones.


Because they really are all we can work with.



Right now


Right here


Right away





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