For the last two years I have been living a wonderful story.

A story that romanced my friend Lorna and I for a year or more before she allowed us to catch her and bring it into form.


This story is called The Soulistic Journey.

And I remember the exact moment that she told us her name.



Lorna helped me to publish my first book Tough Bliss and throughout the process of giving birth to it, we became close, like sisters. Together, we had learned to listen very deeply to the natural flow of creation and follow its impulse throughout the process of publication.


After the launch, we both found that people would approach us and ask for tips, tools and assistance in the process of finding their soulful purpose / work or identity. After months of this happening we stopped wondering at the synchronicity and started to listen. We asked the Universe to give us the clues we needed to catch the story that was seeking us through the voices and eyes of humanity – and then one day on the phone, that story gave us her name.


The Soulistic Journey.


She is a new and ancient adventure.

One that has been travelled by people across the world for centuries.

One that follows the natural cycles of the Earth and the Cosmos.

One that spirals through the four seasons and the four elements of life.


And she is one that starts in remembering.


As we move into November, the weather cools (in the Northern hemisphere at least) and we move into a natural time of inward focus and, to a degree, hibernation. We retreat inside our homes, curl up in front of fires and spend time with those we love, doing the things we love.


This year with COVID lockdowns, we have been forced inwards more than ever before.


When we turn our attention inside, we are given the opportunity to quiet our minds and engage our hearts. We are able to begin to listen to our body’s subtle clues and notice emotional waves that come up as we start to rest and relax into the increasing days of darkness.


With relaxation comes remembering.


Remembering who we are underneath the outer trappings of work, relationships, parenthood, goals.


Remembering our dreams and visions.


Remembering what is truly important to our hearts.

And our souls.


The Soulistic Journey is one that asks us to move through the outer noise of the world and into the deep territory of the landscapes of our dreams.


She calls to us from the darkness and invites us to find and connect to the voice that comes from within us, allowing that to guide us through outer chaos and challenge.


She reminds us that we have everything we need inside of us – and always have.

Yet, we need to let go of anything and everything that tells us that we are not enough.


She reminds us of our inherent human courage and resilience, especially when we are on the path of our Soul Purpose.


The Soulistic Journey has continued to lead Lorna and I through several spirals of her adventure. She has asked us to bring others with us for the journey and has now dictated her wisdom and practices into a book that we will be publishing in December.


The final month in a massive year of change on earth.

The final stage of the journey of 2020.

The year that none of us expected and everyone on the planet has felt.


Perhaps the reason she has come at this time is because we are all being invited into the Soulistic Journey of the Earth herself. That our human Soulistic Journey is inextricably entwined with that of our living, breathing, evolving planet.


Are you ready to transform from the inside out?

To embark on the adventure you came to this planet to live?


We were.

We are.

And we always will be.


Want to join us?

She will be launching soon!





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