Much of my work involves meta-stories; deep and ancient narratives with characters that evolve and shape-shift over time.


One of the themes I have been working with personally and professionally in recent weeks has been that of the emerging feminine warrior. Often perceived through archetypes like Strength in the Tarot, Inanna/Ishtar the Sumerian Goddess of Love and Justice or Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, the emerging feminine warrior is taking back her power on our planet.


For thousands of years, the feminine has been on a heroine’s journey descent into the underworld. Whether this is experienced through gender divisions of labour & pay, sexual harassment, abuse or trafficking, slavery through marriage or patriarchal control, the majority of women have been in a position of victimhood to masculine forces appearing greater than ourselves. Yet what few of us have realized is that this is an ancient narrative of transformation and liberation. The descent into the darkness is the very thing that catalyses a return to the light and our strength. And prompts the masculine to rise above his current distortion and assist the feminine in her ascent and rebirth into power.


Let’s start with the Sumerian story of Inanna / Ishtar. In a story first told in 1600 BC, Inanna, the Goddess of Fertility, War, Justice and Love, consciously chooses to descend into the underworld realm of her sister Ereshkigal in search of her lover Dumuzi. Often described as travelling across the face of the Earth in a chariot pulled by lions, Inanna was the epitome of feminine strength, sovereignty and power. In this story, Inanna arrives at the gate to the underworld and demands to be admitted, threatening to destroy the gate should she be refused. Inanna’s sister, Ereshkigal allows her to enter the gates of the underworld and yet demands that she passes through seven gates of initiation, leaving behind one item representing her feminine power at each gate. Inanna does so and ends up passing through the seventh gate, naked, depleted and dying. Ereshkigal allows her sister to perish in the underworld and keeps her there for three days until her uncle Enki sends two androgynous ‘demons’ to retrieve her and bring her back to the upper worlds of light once again. In many versions of this myth, Inanna’s lover Dumuzi must stay in the underworld for half the year, only returning to the realms of light to be with her in the Spring and Summer months. Inanna’s decent, results in her death, rebirth and return to the light.


Next we turn to the Christian tale of Pistas Sophia who after dwelling in the 13th Aeon calls out for the higher light, only to be repressed by the forces of darkness that are jealous of her higher vision. 13 times, Sophia ‘repents’ (I translate this as a refusal to be swayed from her high truth) even though the forces of darkness (often seen as a lion faced God), repress her greater with each refusal to be victimized and conquered. On the 13th time, Sophia’s brother / consort the Christ Logos comes down to liberate her energy from repression and remind her of who she really is. She is equal to him and indeed is his sacred sister / lover / consort. In her remembering, she saves herself and is lifted to the higher light of her hard won truth.


Athena (often thought to be a evolution of Ishtar / Innana) was said to have been born pure and virginal from the head of her father Zeus. A perfect balance of wisdom and war, she plays a major role in many of the Greek myths, often entering into the battles of men to add a feminine wisdom and power to the side of balance and greater good. Athena, offered the people of Athens an Olive tree (also a symbol of peace and community) and was chosen by them to become the patron of their city. She represent the evolution of the descent / ascent of the feminine warrior, emerging on the planet from the masculine to hold the purity of justice, wisdom and balance for a new age.


So what can we learn from this evolving feminine warrior archetype?

What do Innana / Sophia / Athena all share?


The unique combination of wisdom and a warrior’s strength. The alchemy of higher truth and knowledge, combined with the courage to act, protect, stand up for this truth in the face of repressing forces of ‘darkness’ and ignorance.


The emerging feminine warrior…

  • Knows her personal truth and walks it boldly in the world, dissolving systems and stories of repression that are ready to be transformed
  • Is courageous because she knows her truth is aligned to the wisdom of natural / universal law
  • Fights the ‘good fight’ on behalf of life and brings integration and balance to disharmony
  • Commands respect because she has descended into the darkness and surrendered to her higher light, time and time again. For this very reason she is unafraid of the shadows and illusions of the world around her
  • Allows herself to be drawn into unity and partnership with the evolving masculine warrior / lover / consort for the evolution of all

The female warrior is returning to the hearts and minds of people across the planet. Now is her time to ascend from the repressions of the past and take her rightful place leading a new time of balanced strength and wisdom on the Earth.


Are you feeling her rising within you? Can you tune into the courage and power of her vision of a higher ‘light’ and way of life on Earth?


In October I will be returning to Athens, the ancient home of Athena to dive deeper into the emerging feminine leader / warrior at the annual WIN Conference.


Come and stand with me.

Lets ascend together as feminine wisdom keepers and warriors of life.

Come explore how you are being called to find your feminine warrior wisdom.





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  • Rachel July 7, 2020   Reply →

    Thank you for this, it truly opened my eyes as I feel I’ve been all 3 women in this lifetime and I’m so ready to ascend together through the oppressive dominance and ignorance to help heal the world! We are here to lead the way!

    • Genevieve Boast July 7, 2020   Reply →

      Thanks for commenting Rachel!
      I know that exact feeling and there seems to be a real evolutionary energy flowing into these archetypes in our times of transformation.
      May we all flow with the stories of evolution with relative grace!

  • Anjali December 22, 2020   Reply →


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