The past 9 months have been a particularly challenging time for me. You see, I have a habit of changing multiple areas of my life simultaneously and this time has been no different. I have just upped the scale and magnitude.

In 2017, I decided to restory my business. The way I was working had become unsustainable and quite frankly had stopped giving me joy. I had become bored and unsatisfied with how I was showing up in the world and was ready for another metamorphosis. So I stopped everything, said goodbye to paying clients, slowed my social media and blogging down to almost zero and ……well, panicked.


Humans don’t deal well with change. Even when we know that it’s a must for our mental, emotional and physical survival. Change is the only constant, we are told over and over again, however we don’t seem to be listening on a deep level. If we were, we wouldn’t experience the levels of stress and anxiety that accompany our every day transitions. Panic is the result of ignored inner wisdom. It is the byproduct of listening to others over our inner selves. It happens when we have forgotten how to connect to the flow of life and our innate ability to transform.


For a period of months, I dived into an investigation of my stress. After sifting through the surface levels of scarcity, security and reputation, I arrived at a place of relative quiet. In the space, I started to notice deeper patterns of fear that were emerging from my unconscious for attention. These were patterns I had largely ignored for years through the numbing mechanism of ‘business’ and yet were the very things sabotaging my ability to move forwards into a new story.


The core debilitating narratives were –

  1. It’s not safe to show up real, raw and 100% honest in the world (add – ‘as a woman’ to this)
  2. My story is insignificant in comparison to **** (fill in the multiple blanks)
  3. I will never be seen / heard / noticed in a media landscape full of noise and superficiality.


And there…. breathe…. I had found the keys to my liberation.


You see when we discover the source of our anxiety, we suddenly have a choice to transcend and transform it. Unless we take the time to reconnect to our inner narrative landscape, the patterns, beliefs and self-sabotaging stories will continue indefinitely to trap us. We are our own jailer when it comes to stress.


Now at least, I knew what I was dealing with and the stories I had to work with. Over a period of weeks, I retreated into the arms of nature, spending much time walking, sitting and sleeping outside. Nature always reminds me of what is true and real. Nature is a mirror of our own true face.


Gradually, I learned to listen to the deep voice of my own primal wisdom. She gave me many lessons in strength, sustenance and most importantly, surrender. I surrendered my old narratives to the arms of the earth. I wrote their poisonous words and burned them into ashes many times over. I cried tears of release and offered them into the soil as drops of grace.


As a result my inner soul story transformed to:

  1. When I am real, I am safe. When I stand in my truth, I am irreproachable. People feel the power of my vulnerability and courage.
  2. I am unique. No one has walked the paths that I have, nor I another’s. Empathy trumps comparison. Compassion heals competition.
  3. My words reach the ears that they are destined for. My work touches those who seek it out. I speak from my heart and I speak true. When others receive this, they have no doubt.


The practice of restorying involves a deep reconnection and remembering of the story beyond our story. We are called to surrender who we thought we were, in order to rediscover who we are transforming to be. This process unearthed many of the current quests and journeys that we now facilitate in Beyond Human Stories. The process of letting go of my old narrative opened the door to the restory cycle we now use to help others all over the world do the same.




Transform in the space you create within.

Moment by moment.

Breath by breath.


We will be running the first four-part webinar quest – A Reconnection Journey from the 6th June. The journey will assist you to move beyond the narrative of stress and into a still, yet strong place of knowing yourself and reconnecting to the world in a more authentic and powerful way. Once you have reconnected you will never again be sabotaged by stress.


Sound good?

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