We are living in times of true grit.

All around us, social and environmental systems appear to be in collapse and transformation. Cultures are merging and changing form. Young people across the planet are showing us what it REALLY means to be a global citizen. As I have spoken about many times, the story and archetype of the modern warrior is transforming and it’s being taken on by ‘normal’ people like you and me.


Grit moves us beyond just determination or persistence. It draws on the strength of our ancestors and the vision of our children.

True grit is ancient and yet just as relevant now as it ever has been. It is the stuff that hones our soul on the blade of life.

Grit allows us to open the door to grace.

Let me explain.


When we ‘grit our teeth’ and commit to truly seeing a challenge through to its conclusion, we are committing to the adventure.

We are committing to having as many tough conversations as we need to in order to create real connection.

We are turning towards our shadows and embracing them as strengths.
We head towards confrontation, with a heart full of compassion.
We seek out collective action, where WE triumphs over ME again and again.


Grit leads us through life’s experiences, challenges and obstacles into the open field of grace where we find –



Grace floods through when grit opens the door to welcome it in.

It embraces us in our moments of confusion or weakness and reminds us to keep going even when we can’t see the road ahead.

It heralds synchronicity, magic and miracles.


Grit is obvious.
Grace is subtle.


Grace can be found in the soft and the hard moments of life and blends the two into love.

In our times of global collapse and creation, we need both grit and grace to see us through to a new story of interconnection, interbeing and interdependence.

Grace will find us whenever we say ‘yes’ to a life lived well and fully.


Will you grit your teeth with me?
Will you put your shoulder to the wind, take my hand and walk forwards into the darkness?

Lets go find some grace together.

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