Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending three days in the company of my soul family. People from all across the world who share a vision of a unified world and a unity cosmology. We call ourselves the Unity Community and are developing a truly global and inclusive education and exploration platform called the Whole World View.


Whilst deep diving into last years projects and how effective we were in inviting others to a deeper understanding of our exquisite diversity within an interconnected world, we hit upon what I felt was a key block in most peoples journey towards wholeness, healing and purpose: Guilt.


I threw the word into the center of our circle with acute awareness that it still derails 99% of the people living on this planet today. Certainly many members of our team had expressed it already in our dialogue as something they had experienced on our journey together.


– Guilt for not doing enough.

– For not finding the time to work on ourselves amongst the demands of our lives.

– For not being able to change things fast enough.

– For living an inherently unsustainable life in a dysfunctional system.


Human guilt is ancient and the roots of our story of ‘not enough’ go back millennia.

This is not a new thing and yet very few people seem to have been able to hack this story well enough to truly live lives of purpose and peace.



What opens up in the absence of guilt?



Joy, excitement, unbounded creativity and enthusiasm. Most of all we believe that we can work together to co-create, as Charles Eisenstein reminds us, a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.



The idea of time is also important in a discussion on guilt in that temporality introduces our own unique model as to how we overcome or succumb to its pervasive forces.



Past guilt has its roots in our ancestral stories and beliefs whether we are aware of them or not. Most often, these sit in our unconscious experiences and surface as repeated patterns of disruptive and sabotaging behaviour that have little relation or relevance to our modern context. Yet we repeat them like hamsters on a wheel until we go back and heal the pattern for good. This requires awareness, courage and imagination to work effectively in the ancestral realms. It also is aided by ceremony and repeated intention but that’s another topic for another day!



How often do you feel guilty about something that has happened in your current lifetime? Often I suspect. Most of us do. Present life guilt stems from our inability to acknowledge and embrace full responsibility for our choices. This includes our choice of what we do and say but also our choice about how we respond to people/situations and how we feel about them. No one else can influence our inner feelings but we project and blame others constantly for making us ‘feel bad’. The moment we can claim back our power of how we choose to feel, we can bring understanding to our emotional patterns and forgive our self and others. After all, they are more than likely operating from the same patterns of guilt that we are and blaming us in return! When we have sovereignty over our emotions, we have full control of our choices. We regain our power to create. No small feat!



Future guilt is trickier to catch but my feeling of this is that guilt projected on to the future happens when we create an inner movie about ‘what might happen if’. This is both individual and collective in nature is often based on fear. Rare is the person who spends more than 40% of their time creating positive future mental movies. Most of us dedicate massive amounts of our inner mental landscape and energy to the guilt that hasn’t even happened yet. For example:


– The planet is dying and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

– My body is unhealthy and I am worried I will get terminally ill.

– My work is unsatisfying and I am wasting my life.

– My stress is causing me to consistently procrastinate about the real things I want to do in life and I feel like I will never achieve what I really want to do.



Every time we worry, we are experiencing a subtle form of future guilt. Why? Because we are spending time worrying about ‘what if’ instead of taking positive action in the present to prevent the worry from happening. It doesn’t mean that we won’t experience our worries coming true, but we do have a choice as to whether we fuel them in the present with future projections of how bad we will feel if they come to pass and we didn’t do anything to change this.



So a word on change.


How do we give ourselves choice again?

How do we connect to the potential for transformation in the moment of challenge instead of cycling around past patterns and habits?



Repeated, dedicated, persistent practice.

Practice breeds awareness.

Awareness breeds choice.

Choice creates change.



We would love for you to help us co-design a new and innovative offering from the Beyond Human Stories narrative lab. We have an inkling of an idea that we think and feel will help many of us to catalyze sustained choice, freedom and transformation in the stories we tell and the stories we live.


We believe that there is no greater time on the planet than right now and that our ecosystem needs as many of us as possible to claim back our power of choice to change the future story on Earth.


We are inviting you to participate in a free journey we have woven together. As you answer these seemingly simple questions about your story and your life patterns, you will gain clarity over the key leverage points in your habits that can be transformed. You will start to see which of the many stories you are weaving each day, will allow you to unravel the old patterns and create space to design new ones.


Your gift in sharing your journey and insights with us will aid the co-creation process in our coming storyhacking journeys, so we can respond directly to the needs of our community.


In return for sharing your clarity with us, we will send you a tailored storyhack when our survey is complete, specifically designed to help you create change immediately in the weft and weave of your life narrative.


Thank you for being a part of our community.

Thank you for practicing with us!


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