Harmony: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole



This is one of the dictionary definitions of harmony.

The word that jumped out to me was ‘pleasing’.


This week I have been extremely busy with clients before I jump on a plane and head to the US for a few weeks of work. At times, my days have felt chaotic, overwhelming and crazy yet they were in harmony.



Because they were ‘pleasing’ to me.


I found myself in a training room this week, asking the 8 other people there to stand on one leg and notice what happens to the foot that remains rooted to the floor in order to balance.


The answer is that it is constantly moving and making tiny readjustments, second to second in order to keep the person standing.


This for me is harmony.

It is not a state to be reached and obtained but more a dynamic equilibrium of movement that ultimately we find ‘pleasing’ because it creates stability – or wholeness.


So let’s explore this.


We can, (and often do) have crazy busy weeks in our lives. We choose for them to be that way so we can rarely blame anything outside of our control for the tempo. However, there are ‘crazy good’ weeks and ‘crazy bad’ weeks in our minds.


Why is this so?

What makes one good and the other bad?


Our story lens?



Our thinking and judgements?

Of course.


But what else?

Is it perhaps that when we feel harmony (and pleasure) in the activities we have chosen to undertake, no matter how fast, busy or unpredictable they are, we feel whole?



On purpose?

Aligned to our heart song?


Yes, I believe we do.


The equal and opposite of this is also true.

When we feel as though our choices had led us to a place where we are out of balance, resistant and overwhelmed by forces that appear to be external to us then ‘harmony’ is the last thing we feel.


So how do we move from chaos to harmony?


We close our eyes and take one deep breath.


We remember that everything outside, comes from inside of us – the feelings and stories that is.


And we look within to see what beliefs, thoughts and feelings are discordant with our natural rhythm and harmonious frequency.


Of course we can also listen to music, dance and go roll in the grass.

These things bring back pleasure.

And therefore wholeness.

And by default harmony.


Pleasure is a doorway.

Wholeness is the key.

Harmony is the signpost.


Let’s make some music shall we?






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