This Spring has been glorious in the UK and, as most of us have been at home in lockdown, we’ve able to notice and enjoy it despite the challenges of COVID.


The sun has been shining for days on end, causing buds on the trees to break forth in their glorious, fresh, green hues. They’re vibrant, and new, and shining like candy.


The hawthorn tree (sacred to Beltane on the 1st May) has burst into tiny white blossoms that have the most subtle yet enticing smell if you stop of partake of their nectar. The wild herbs are equally abundant and growing out of every nook and cranny, begging for attention. Many plants have been plucked and tasted as I have taken my daily walks through the landscape and, of course, I have done nothing but stop to smell the flowers of all shapes and sizes.


This week the Swallows have returned to Avebury too. Their playful exuberance is lighting up the skies as they swoop, dive and play over my home.


For those who have access to the natural world it’s all so exquisite that it would be easy to slip off into a blissful dream and forget that we are in the middle of a crisis.


Or are we?

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So we have jumped off the cliff into potential annihilation (of our way of life and ego identity).


We have crossed the threshold and entered into the forest of our imagination, seeking a new vision of what is possible.


And we are lost.

Well and truly lost.


We feel confusion, despair, doubt.


And this is exactly how it should be.

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A New Story Of Money

What if… there was no such thing as money?

We are living through interesting times where many of the systems that uphold civilisation as we know it are beginning to transform. Some call it a crisis, others an opportunity.


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The Art of Lockdown Cocooning

A key aspect of creating transformation in your life is a deep reconnection with the natural world, taking our cues from Mother Nature and slowing down to her pace. What reveals itself when we do this is wonderfully transformative, but it takes faith and patience to walk this path and in these days of technological instant gratification, patience is fast becoming a lost art.

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As human ‘beings’ I believe that we have always sought a higher vision.


Whether this seeking is connected to our aspirations for our personal life, or the search for higher and more evolved forms of collective social purpose, we are naturally ‘questing’ creatures, constantly striving to know more, to be more and to experience more.


In the fast changing and tumultuous times we now find ourselves living in, our human hunger for ‘more’ can be seen for what it truly is – a force that is both enabling and destructive.


Hunger itself is neither bad nor good – it is simply the catalyst for a response to the call of evolution. When aligned with the classical hero’s journey, the traits of human hunger can be seen as either destructive or creative depending on our individual and collective response to them.

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Yes, we are approaching Spring and Easter, but that is not why I am feeling called to write a storyhack with this title.


I was compelled to get up this morning, come down to my kitchen table and start writing because I realised that this is the story of my life.


Your life too I believe.


The saying that ‘life is full of death….’ may sound like a cliché, but let’s stop for a moment and consider those words.


Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that ‘life evolves through a series of mini deaths’, each one a shedding of an old way of living, an outworn belief, or even a global system that is long past the time of it being useful to ALL.


And ALL is the watch word of this decade. Watch and see.

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At the time of writing this the world has irrevocably changed in just a short few weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


And by the time I write next week’s storyhack it will have transformed completely once again.


Thing is – it always has.

This is the true nature of evolving life and consciousness on Earth (and beyond).


The real challenge has been one of distraction.

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These are the times when we grow

I found myself writing this to a friend this evening.


This week my husband and I decided to start self-isolating.

Amongst the perceived confusion and chaos currently being experienced in the UK (and across the globe) due to the fast spreading COVID-19, there is a benign virus emerging and its called surrender.

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As I sit here at my desk, staring out the window at the view of the mountains for the 100th time today, I am struck by the something fundamental around the emerging story of gender energy on the planet right now: The paradox how our old stories about what is masculine and what is feminine no longer seem to apply.


Let me explain.

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What is your story about time? Seriously.

Play with me if you are unsure about this.


Take a moment and complete these sentences to uncover your time story:

Time is……..

My days are……..

I am most focussed in the……

Time runs away when……

Time stops if I.……

My life is here to……


Okay, so, is there a pattern in all of this for you?

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A few weeks ago something amazing happened to me.

I felt true peace for perhaps the first time since I had been born (in this lifetime at least).



Contentment – but more than that also

A sense of being really, truly present in the moment

A moment that could stretch on for eternity


It took me by surprise

And it was humbling

Deeply humbling

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This weekend brought Storm Ciara to the UK.


She was relatively minor compared to some of the global symptoms of climate change that we are experiencing in various countries right now and yet dramatic enough for those living here on a small, grey, wet island.


The thing with living on an island is that you can become quite insular.

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For the last few weeks I have been cleansing.


Cleaning up what I eat and drink (or not) and how I move and exercise my body. From the 1st of January, I embarked on a 108 day consecutive yoga practice in order to firmly establish a new foundation to my self-care and health in 2020. (If you are wondering why ‘108’, this is an ancient Hindu practice of achieving oneness, nothingness and everything through the vibration of these three numbers…more on this another time!).

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Today as I was facilitating one of the Soulistic Journey circles, I was struck with a realisation. An angle on understanding the role and meaning of ‘soul’ in my life that hadn’t come to me in quite this way before but revolutionised the way I now see my own growth and evolution.


Often when I ask people what their soul feels like, I get various answers like ‘home’, ‘peace’, ‘knowingness’ or ‘love’. I totally agree with each of these in the context of tuning into a higher place of inner wisdom that sits beyond the realm of human form or stories.


However, as I started to reflect on my own experiences of ‘soul’, I realised that my soul often comes into my life to disrupt habits, stretch comfort zones and generally break me out of my security patterns of behaviour.


Therefore, when I invite my soul to take the driving seat in the vehicle of ‘Genevieve’ then things tend to get more than a little crazy.


In fact, they get positively uncomfortable (if not exciting).

Let me explain.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with astrology, this weekend saw one of the most pivotal conjunctions of two planets in our solar system that we will encounter this decade: Pluto and Saturn. Now I am not an expert in astrology, nor astronomy, nor physics, but I do spend a lot of time adventuring in the archetypal realm trying to understand and experience the impact that certain archetypal characters (in this case Pluto and Saturn) have on our stories, psychology and actions.

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December already.


The cold winter winds in the Northern hemisphere bring with them cleansing, clearing energies that allow us to retreat within and notice things.


One of the patterns that is being spoken to me on the wind right now is linked to the transforming energy of gifting on the planet right now. I am noticing the illusion of commercialism and consumerism is starting to fade and a new light is coming through. One that is connecting and intimate on the deepest of human levels.

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Throughout 2019, I have found myself in a massive cycle of change and transformation; on every level and in every area of my life. These cycles have come before and seem to be occurring with increasing regularity in the world that we find ourselves inhabiting.


I am going to be really honest now. It has been a crazy, confusing, exhilarating and excruciating period of time where I barely know who, where or what I am from day to day. Just as I think I might have a handle on what is going on and where I am headed, my life throws me something completely new that shakes up the fabric of my story and throws it in the air to see what will settle.

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Restorying Life Podcast – A New Story of Sustainability

Join Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories as she adventures into the new territory of restorying sustainability. Over the next 6 months, she will dialogue with change-makers, visionaries, elders and story hackers, discovering how human resilience and invention are transforming the old stories for good. These ‘bright spots’ of innovation are the forerunners for a new story of sustainability on Earth. They serve as inspirations and reminders for each of us to choose how we will participate in the change all around us.

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Egypt brings up a great many things.


The land and people here have a habit of presenting me with a hall of heart-mirrors every time I travel here. I have said many times, that whatever we hold in our hearts (consciously and unconsciously) will come up to be seen from the shadows as we walk through the lands of alchemy and light.

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As I write this storyhack, I am travelling through the Egyptian desert in my dear friend Hassan’s van on our way to Abydos, Temple of Osiris.


Glamorous? Definitely.

Romantic – yes!

Transformative …..that’s the reason we are here.

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This week I am launching into the second of our annual Soulistic Journey retreats in Avebury, England. Each retreat brings with it both a deepening into our own personal story, as well as revealing new maps into previously uncharted territory. The best bit is that we never really know where we are going until we gather together and take our first steps on the journey together!


In preparing for our circle this week, I started contemplating the word ‘retreat’ in the context of our modern social story. With all the perceived political, environmental and cultural chaos right now are we really being called to ‘retreat’?

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We are living in times of true grit.

All around us, social and environmental systems appear to be in collapse and transformation. Cultures are merging and changing form. Young people across the planet are showing us what it REALLY means to be a global citizen. As I have spoken about many times, the story and archetype of the modern warrior is transforming and it’s being taken on by ‘normal’ people like you and me.


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For a long time I have been using a powerful storyhack exercise known as a ‘Narrative Lens’. It is one of the fastest ways I know to immediately change the story that you find yourself living in by bringing your attention to the characters, environments and choices that create your life story.

Want to try it with me?

It’s fast. It’s powerful, and it transforms.

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I have found myself pondering meta-myths lately.

You know, the ones that keep showing up in different forms, with different faces?

The ones that appear in our collective dreams in archetypal form and haunt us for days with their subtle power.


One that has stalked me of late has been that of Pistas Sophia – the fallen female Christ.

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I am sat in my hotel room in Athens.

The delicious noise of the city outside, flourishing with life and light.

The sound of the Mediterranean Sea gently lapping the shoreline over my shoulder.

The Athenian mountains rising in the distance.

I have arrived.

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Have you noticed this phenomenon lately?


Recently, whenever I find myself gathering in a group setting where there is a shared intention or vision, the power to manifest new outcomes and social stories seems to be turbo charged!


Perhaps it is the astrology of these times?

Perhaps it is the social, environmental and economic ‘crisis’ breeding a sense of urgency in our creative process?

Or perhaps this ‘gathering’ is an ancient power practice of storymaking that we are coming to see the importance of as we strive for change?

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Much of my work involves meta-stories; deep and ancient narratives with characters that evolve and shape-shift over time.


One of the themes I have been working with personally and professionally in recent weeks has been that of the emerging feminine warrior. Often perceived through archetypes like Strength in the Tarot, Inanna/Ishtar the Sumerian Goddess of Love and Justice or Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, the emerging feminine warrior is taking back her power on our planet.

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I sit here writing this in the place of my dreams.


I sit here in a house that was built by the voice of a land that has been calling me ‘home’ since I was six years old.


I sit here crying tears of grace for the ‘tough bliss’ of a long journey, walked well (most of the time anyway…).


I sit here in a beautiful house made of glass, wood and love in the mountains of Colorado; the place of my birth; the place I left over 35 years ago; my heart home that has finally become my body, mind and soul home.

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Rarely do I allow myself the liberation of this statement, but I have found that saying it out loud is one the fastest routes to manifestation.


Why? Because held within it is one of the magical keys to the whole Universe…. SURRENDER.

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It has been almost ten years since I leapt off the cliff of a full time, successful corporate job in sustainability and into the wide ocean of running my own social business.


In those years, the lessons have been many and the tests of character and courage have not lessened. If anything, they have become more and more intense. Each new year brings with it new lessons, new insights and new wisdom into the nature of my personal story adventure. With the collective experience of time speeding up, it seems as though the collective social narrative, within which I am attempting to ‘hack’, also changes and presents me with new challenges and opportunities on an almost daily basis!

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Right now I am feeling emotionally carved open.


Several things in my life are converging to orchestrate a complete melting and restorying of my purpose, identity and future path. Rather than being disorientated, I learned many years ago to surrender to this process of metamorphosis. It is a natural part of living on a constantly evolving planet, in a constantly evolving Universe. The quicker I let go of human control, the more ease and insight the transformation brings.

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This week’s storyhack is a guest post from my best friend and husband, Euan Smith. He is and continues to be a constant inspiration to me in a world that is hampered by mediocrity and conformism.


“Aren’t you bored yet ?”, said no plover, ever.


In 2016 I found myself in a fortunate position. I was able to choose to step off the corporate hamster wheel for a time, well before my aspirations for ‘retirement’ had been reduced to milky tea & a nice lie-down.


My news, which I positioned as something like a ‘late gap year’, was received by those I told with varying degrees of respect, happiness & jealousy. I get all that. As said, I know I was lucky. But what fascinated me most was the frequency with which people asked, of myself and my family – “Is he bored yet ?” The regularity with which the question appeared was remarkable. Over assorted lunch dates former colleagues smiled and asserted definitively that “you’ll get bored in a few months”. Friends peered over their coffees to ask with concern – “How are you filling your days ?” Two headhunters recoiled in shock when I politely passed up their shiny baubles.


But it’s such a great opportunity.”


No. Extended time out was the great opportunity. A ‘once in a lifetime’ blue-chip job it may well have been, but not this lifetime.




March 2016. I am in J-Bay in South Africa. This morning I rose early to stroll the majesty of the beach. At this hour it is delightfully free of humans. In the lull, under skies already cobalt, wildlife has temporarily reclaimed the world. Black-backed gulls tentatively explore a stranded jellyfish. A prowling mongoose slithers frustrated into bleached grasses as I approach. Out on the rocks a group of cormorants gossip as they hold out their wings to dry. It occurs to me that, like all anglers, even birds that fish seem inclined to exaggerate the size of their catch.


Where the wet caramel sand gives way to powdery white a small plover is working. She is hard to spot amongst the bric-a-brac of shells & driftwood; only her darting movement gives her away. From this distance her body is as smooth and pebbly as those that surround her. She perches totteringly on spindly legs, colours muted and flecked through, like an upside-down cappuccino. Her small head, equally mottled, flicks from side to side. She is perpetually caught in two minds – between the need to feed & the need not to become food. She pauses and turns towards me. Even against the white of the sand her snowy breast is dazzling. Abruptly she sets off at speed down the beach, legs peddling crazily, head bent low like a granny with a shopping trolley. And then, just as abruptly, she comes to a dead stop, rises like a queen. “Running ? What ? One ? Good heavens, no !”


And then she does it again.


I follow her at a respectful distance as she scours the sand, urgently stabbing her short needle beak when an insect is uncovered. Her industry is intense. She bursts into a run again for no apparent reason, then pulls up short, suddenly wondering if she left the gas on.


A dove sized bird with greenfinch plumage explodes from a frondy palm, screaming an alarm. ‘Waiki ! Waiki ! Waiki !’. I wonder briefly if mongooses can climb trees. And then I wonder if the correct term should be ‘mongeese’ ?




Perhaps all the ‘boredom’ questions came from ego, from a desire to protect our place in the world, a need to maintain status quo. Passion-riddled entrepreneurs and ladder climbers aside, I observe so many people walking soullessly through their careers, counting the hours until they can escape. They live life in their vacations & retirement, create bucket lists that they immediately consign to fantasy. We complain endlessly about monotonous meetings, about repetitive, vegetative tasks. We complain about being pulled away from our families at weekends, about having to attend yet another social event / conference / sales pitch with the boss / client / accounts team. And yet I found that when I consciously created space away from all those obligations, all the crazy noise (which many profess is also their dream) I seemed to touch an open nerve. We can all rationalise our own fears away when some hippie bails to start up a pottery in Devon, but not when one of the ‘normal’ ones steps out ? And so the default seemed to be that many created a story, a hope, that I would somehow be unfulfilled, that I would crave a return asap with my tail between my legs. “Phew. He’s back. I knew it. I’m ok.”


I watched Miss Plover for almost an hour. It felt like ten minutes.


Not once was I bored.


I came back, in my own time. With new perspective, a new story and (I think) much the better for the time away. If you can engineer it, stepping off the hamster wheel just to see what happens, is 100% the way to go.






(And so is everyone else)


One of the challenges of living in these times of global transformation is that we find ourselves in a landscape of shifting narratives. One that has been dominated for centuries by individuality and the survival of separate groups, to a new story where the forces of change on our planet require that we find solutions to common challenges and unify our approach on a planetary scale.

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Stop for just one moment as you rush to get out of the door.


As you run for the bus, the train or the car.


As you silently resent the kids, the dog, the phone, your emails,


For their seeming intrusion into your life.






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The power to change is in the subtle – which is why most people miss it.


This month, I journeyed to Sacred Ground International in Montana, US. It is a place beyond time. A space full of respect and honour for all life. A place where the teaching comes fast for those who are able to embrace and hold it. I think of the land as the portal into the deepest story we are capable of imagining and sensing.

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Restorying Life Podcast – A New Story of Sustainability

Join Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories as she adventures into the new territory of restorying sustainability. Over the next 6 months, she will dialogue with change makers, visionaries, elders and story hackers, discovering how human resilience and invention is transforming the old stories for good. These ‘bright spots’ of innovation are the forerunners for a new story of sustainability on Earth. They serve as inspirations and reminders for each of us to choose how we will participate in the change all around us.

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The number 2 has played a major part in my life.

I was born on the 2nd and both my parents were born on the 2nd day of different months; the energy of 2 has followed me around in various synchronistic ways throughout my life. Curious, I started to explore the mythology of this number and its associated personality. Having worked with archetypes for years the major arcana of the Tarot jumped at me, being one of the earliest systems in Western mythology related to both number and universal correspondences.

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Back in 2013, I was sat in the middle of Utah canyon country, midway through an eleven day vision quest, and I was told (categorically) to dedicate my life’s work to helping people move beyond our human stories.


At the time, I barely had an inkling as to what this meant or the grand adventure that following its trail would take me on. Six years on, I am starting to grasp the wormhole of truth, power, energy, and inspiration that this one statement holds for us individually and collectively, should we choose to accept its challenge.

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Restorying Life Podcast – A New Story of Sustainability

Join Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories as she adventures into the new territory of restorying sustainability. Over the next 6 months, she will dialogue with change makers, visionaries, elders and story hackers, discovering how human resilience and invention is transforming the old stories for good. These ‘bright spots’ of innovation are the forerunners for a new story of sustainability on Earth. They serve as inspirations and reminders for each of us to choose how we will participate in the change all around us.

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Many people over the last few weeks have been asking me to describe in detail the process of storyhacking. What does it mean and how do we consciously work with its transformative elements to create change in our lives?


So here is my Storyhacking 101.

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending three days in the company of my soul family. People from all across the world who share a vision of a unified world and a unity cosmology. We call ourselves the Unity Community and are developing a truly global and inclusive education and exploration platform called the Whole World View.


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If not now, then when? 
If not today, then
why make your promises?
A love declared for days to come
is as good as none.


These immortal words from Tracy Chapman permeated my childhood as my mother and sisters listened to her album in our small cottage in rural England. They reminded me of how to keep going towards something I wanted, no matter what seemed to be happening in the immediate world around me.

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