This week I have been paying a lot of attention to my version of power games. Primarily how I attempt to regain a sense of power and agency in my life when forces outside of me feel out of control and downright scary.


And I think we would all be lying if we didn’t admit to feeling somewhat out of control right now in the world!


I have noticed on multiple occasions the temptation to manipulate people and situations to fit the outcome I desire. Especially when I perceive that things are not flowing according to my inner plan and feel out of my control.

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Forgiveness comes in the moments that really matter

Like those of life or death

It comes when we are asked to be bigger, wider, expansive

More than we have ever been before


Forgiveness opens doors

Doors that we have tried to close and lock


Forgiveness breathes us

Into places we have tried to forget


Forgiveness is a mirror

Into the parts of our soul that we have rejected


We forgive to create freedom

We forgive to liberate

We forgive to love


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Ever heard the phrase “shit happens”?


Yes me too – this week has been one where ‘shit’ has happened unexpectedly (at least to my brain) multiple times.


Now I could have chosen to judge the ‘shit’ as wrong, bad, unfair, unjust but instead it stunned me into an inner silence that I wasn’t expecting.


And therein lies the gift of the mystery…..


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Years ago when I was studying for my master’s degree in sustainable business, I came across an article by Myerson and Scully called ‘Tempered Radicalism and the politics of change’.  Although the title of the article sounded dry, after reading it, I was caught by the powerful concept that the authors put forwards around the art of transforming communities and systems.


They spoke about how often when we are trying to create change, we can become derailed and frustrated by our own impatience and our need to ‘make’ or ‘force’ change before it is naturally ready to happen.


They also talked about the delicate balance between the states of persistence and desistence.

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Next week is the Autumn Equinox, falling in the sign of Libra on the 22nd Sept.


Equinoxes are times when the day and night are exactly the same lengths, bringing us to an alchemical moment of balance and awareness.


Libra, traditionally shown as a female figure holding scales in her hand, represents harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of life.


So this is a time when we are all invited to consider how we are dealing with seeming polarities in our lives.


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This week yet again I am dealing with death.

But I am also welcoming life.


The two paradoxical concepts seem ever more merged as we move beyond the old stories of duality and separation in our world.


This week I am letting go of a home and an identity.

This week, I am embracing a new and ancient adventure back into the heartlands of my ancestors, human and more than human.


Let me explain.

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“Stories are like the water in which we swim, all pervasive land yet easily imperceptible”


This year has felt like a whirlpool of change.


Largely it has been out of our personal control and yet, calling each and every one of us to take greater responsibility for the stories within which we choose to swim.

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The phrase ‘being stretched too thinly’ can apply in a number of different ways.


Often we associate this with stress or overload in our ‘doing’ aspects of life. When we are manically busy and overwhelmed with the number of things that need to be done.


However, I choose to look at this in a different way.

In terms of narrative and inner belief.


Which part of your story is being stretched thin right now?

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A friend of mine emailed me this week.

She expressed a deep feeling that the rest of 2020 was only going to get more mad and crazy and not less. She asked what I felt we could do in the face of all our stories breaking down.


I had to stop and think about it.

More than that, I had to feel it in my bones.

Then I walked outside and asked the mountain.


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Today, I sat on the mountainside.


My back to a large Ponderosa Pine tree who’s bark smelled like caramel.

The sun had warmed the pine needle carpet underneath me and it pulsed in waves of hot earth aroma, more pungent than oil.


The nearby Juniper tree, spoke softly to me as I worked to quiet my inner noise.

I had to work at it, but eventually, my mind calmed and my thoughts quieted.

I allowed myself to relax and simply notice what was happening around me in the celebration of life.


Chipmunks went about their day and chirruped in surprise when they came across me.

A quiet human.

A rarity in these parts.

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Ever wondered how you would react if you found yourself in the midst of crisis?


There is a wildfire burning on the mountain side opposite our home as I sit here and write this. Right now. I am writing this ‘live’ because it feels important to share this as it unfolds.

It’s around 10 miles away from me. Yes, I am safe, and yes, I ran right outside and called in the forces of the land, the elementals and the angels.


Because this is the ‘work’.

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An extract from The Soulistic Journey, a forthcoming book that Genevieve is co-writing with Lorna Howarth. Due for publication in Autumn 2020.


Vision Questing

Cracking open the outer casing of your old story and identity


Okay, so now we approach one of the oldest and deepest practices that we share with you in this book. It is not to be danced into lightly and indeed is one you may find yourself shying away from rather than running towards. If so, good – that means you are sensing into its power.


Vision quests have been used by indigenous cultures across the world for millennia as a mechanism to remove ourselves from our old story, humbly seeking a higher vision from Nature and the forces in our Universe, in order to inform the next chapter of our life purpose. And vision quests often sneak up on us when we least expect them.

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I meant to write this storyhack yesterday. But I was too tired and instead chose to go to bed super early. I also chose to spend half an hour before bed, taking the time to shower, cleanse my skin and do a body oiling practice with home-made olive oil, infused with Pine needles from my home on the mountain in Colorado.


This is me practicing radical self care.

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“I wish my secondary school math’s teacher had been you”


I found myself saying during this deep and insightful Tea Session Podcast with my friend Adam Barley.


Adam’s work in embodiment and movement over the last few decades has created transformation for people across the globe as he has guided practices rooted in Five Rhythms and yet emergent into new evolutionary ways of expressing what is feels like and means to be human.

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This week we have been treated to many inspiring and innovating sessions as we have moved through World Unity Week. From waves of indigenous-led blessings over the solstice weekend, through song, movement and dance and archetypal patterning, we have truly entered into the realm of the imaginal.


One of the sessions that resonated most strongly with me, was the one held by Richard Olivier from Mythodrama on accessing archetypal wisdom. Having worked with archetypes as energetic patterns of identity and narrative for many years, I love Richard’s work (with his co-creator Lawrence Hillman) in bringing to life the planetary archetypes of our solar system in their evolving forms.

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Well, hasn’t 2020 been full of unexpected gifts?


Some of you may disagree but through the turmoil and chaos and sadness comes awareness, choice and resolution. The global pandemic has been just that – ‘global’. For the first time in many centuries (if not ‘the first’ time ever), we have collectively begun to realise the interdependency of our global systems and our global story. We have also started to see where it needs changing – and fast!


What if this rollercoaster of emotion we are all strapped into is actually the evolutionary journey of our species and our planet? What if we are all being given the possibility of choice in the emerging story of humanity?


What if …..

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“The funny thing about unity”, I often find myself saying, “is that when we truly embody it, there is no one else. You can’t be in unity one moment and out of it the next. Unity awareness completely destroys the ‘other’”


But we can forget.

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Restorying Life Podcast – A New Story of Sustainability

Join Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories as she adventures into the new territory of restorying sustainability. She will dialogue with changemakers, visionaries, elders and story hackers, discovering how human resilience and invention are transforming the old stories for good. These ‘bright spots’ of innovation are the forerunners for a new story of sustainability on Earth. They serve as inspirations and reminders for each of us to choose how we will participate in the change all around us.

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Today I have been sitting out under the shade of a young oak tree. He has been in our garden since we moved here 8 years ago and we have grown up together.


In recent years, due to all the travel with my work, I had rarely found the time to come and hang out with this incredible being. Since COVID and lockdown everything has changed – in this case for the better.

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In my calling as a storyteller and storymaker, I am blessed to connect with people all over the world who are aspiring writers of some kind. Frequently they are seeking inspiration on how to find their authentic voice. Often they are wondering how to make a living as a storyteller.


However, more recently, I have noticed a distinct shift in the dialogues.


It is a shift away from us (the humans) writing about life as it happens to us, and a shift towards us (the conscious evolving souls) allowing life to write through us as we experience it.

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This week my family and I decided to undertake a daily gratitude practice. The longer the lockdown continues, the deeper we are able to connect and create in new ways. Remember, reconnect and restory is a mantra that will not leave me these days.


Never before have I been in one place for so long and never before have I seen the gifts of quiet inner time.


Everyone seems to be talking about returning to a ‘new normal’ but I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to return to a ‘ new natural’ balance. One than honours the inner and outer arcs of attention in our human and more than human lives.

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Restorying Life Podcast – A New Story of Sustainability

Join Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories as she adventures into the new territory of restorying sustainability. She will dialogue with changemakers, visionaries, elders and story hackers, discovering how human resilience and invention are transforming the old stories for good. These ‘bright spots’ of innovation are the forerunners for a new story of sustainability on Earth. They serve as inspirations and reminders for each of us to choose how we will participate in the change all around us.

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This Spring has been glorious in the UK and, as most of us have been at home in lockdown, we’ve able to notice and enjoy it despite the challenges of COVID.


The sun has been shining for days on end, causing buds on the trees to break forth in their glorious, fresh, green hues. They’re vibrant, and new, and shining like candy.


The hawthorn tree (sacred to Beltane on the 1st May) has burst into tiny white blossoms that have the most subtle yet enticing smell if you stop of partake of their nectar. The wild herbs are equally abundant and growing out of every nook and cranny, begging for attention. Many plants have been plucked and tasted as I have taken my daily walks through the landscape and, of course, I have done nothing but stop to smell the flowers of all shapes and sizes.


This week the Swallows have returned to Avebury too. Their playful exuberance is lighting up the skies as they swoop, dive and play over my home.


For those who have access to the natural world it’s all so exquisite that it would be easy to slip off into a blissful dream and forget that we are in the middle of a crisis.


Or are we?

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So we have jumped off the cliff into potential annihilation (of our way of life and ego identity).


We have crossed the threshold and entered into the forest of our imagination, seeking a new vision of what is possible.


And we are lost.

Well and truly lost.


We feel confusion, despair, doubt.


And this is exactly how it should be.

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A New Story Of Money

What if… there was no such thing as money?

We are living through interesting times where many of the systems that uphold civilisation as we know it are beginning to transform. Some call it a crisis, others an opportunity.


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The Art of Lockdown Cocooning

A key aspect of creating transformation in your life is a deep reconnection with the natural world, taking our cues from Mother Nature and slowing down to her pace. What reveals itself when we do this is wonderfully transformative, but it takes faith and patience to walk this path and in these days of technological instant gratification, patience is fast becoming a lost art.

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As human ‘beings’ I believe that we have always sought a higher vision.


Whether this seeking is connected to our aspirations for our personal life, or the search for higher and more evolved forms of collective social purpose, we are naturally ‘questing’ creatures, constantly striving to know more, to be more and to experience more.


In the fast changing and tumultuous times we now find ourselves living in, our human hunger for ‘more’ can be seen for what it truly is – a force that is both enabling and destructive.


Hunger itself is neither bad nor good – it is simply the catalyst for a response to the call of evolution. When aligned with the classical hero’s journey, the traits of human hunger can be seen as either destructive or creative depending on our individual and collective response to them.

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Yes, we are approaching Spring and Easter, but that is not why I am feeling called to write a storyhack with this title.


I was compelled to get up this morning, come down to my kitchen table and start writing because I realised that this is the story of my life.


Your life too I believe.


The saying that ‘life is full of death….’ may sound like a cliché, but let’s stop for a moment and consider those words.


Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that ‘life evolves through a series of mini deaths’, each one a shedding of an old way of living, an outworn belief, or even a global system that is long past the time of it being useful to ALL.


And ALL is the watch word of this decade. Watch and see.

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At the time of writing this the world has irrevocably changed in just a short few weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


And by the time I write next week’s storyhack it will have transformed completely once again.


Thing is – it always has.

This is the true nature of evolving life and consciousness on Earth (and beyond).


The real challenge has been one of distraction.

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These are the times when we grow

I found myself writing this to a friend this evening.


This week my husband and I decided to start self-isolating.

Amongst the perceived confusion and chaos currently being experienced in the UK (and across the globe) due to the fast spreading COVID-19, there is a benign virus emerging and its called surrender.

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As I sit here at my desk, staring out the window at the view of the mountains for the 100th time today, I am struck by the something fundamental around the emerging story of gender energy on the planet right now: The paradox how our old stories about what is masculine and what is feminine no longer seem to apply.


Let me explain.

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What is your story about time? Seriously.

Play with me if you are unsure about this.


Take a moment and complete these sentences to uncover your time story:

Time is……..

My days are……..

I am most focussed in the……

Time runs away when……

Time stops if I.……

My life is here to……


Okay, so, is there a pattern in all of this for you?

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A few weeks ago something amazing happened to me.

I felt true peace for perhaps the first time since I had been born (in this lifetime at least).



Contentment – but more than that also

A sense of being really, truly present in the moment

A moment that could stretch on for eternity


It took me by surprise

And it was humbling

Deeply humbling

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This weekend brought Storm Ciara to the UK.


She was relatively minor compared to some of the global symptoms of climate change that we are experiencing in various countries right now and yet dramatic enough for those living here on a small, grey, wet island.


The thing with living on an island is that you can become quite insular.

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For the last few weeks I have been cleansing.


Cleaning up what I eat and drink (or not) and how I move and exercise my body. From the 1st of January, I embarked on a 108 day consecutive yoga practice in order to firmly establish a new foundation to my self-care and health in 2020. (If you are wondering why ‘108’, this is an ancient Hindu practice of achieving oneness, nothingness and everything through the vibration of these three numbers…more on this another time!).

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Today as I was facilitating one of the Soulistic Journey circles, I was struck with a realisation. An angle on understanding the role and meaning of ‘soul’ in my life that hadn’t come to me in quite this way before but revolutionised the way I now see my own growth and evolution.


Often when I ask people what their soul feels like, I get various answers like ‘home’, ‘peace’, ‘knowingness’ or ‘love’. I totally agree with each of these in the context of tuning into a higher place of inner wisdom that sits beyond the realm of human form or stories.


However, as I started to reflect on my own experiences of ‘soul’, I realised that my soul often comes into my life to disrupt habits, stretch comfort zones and generally break me out of my security patterns of behaviour.


Therefore, when I invite my soul to take the driving seat in the vehicle of ‘Genevieve’ then things tend to get more than a little crazy.


In fact, they get positively uncomfortable (if not exciting).

Let me explain.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with astrology, this weekend saw one of the most pivotal conjunctions of two planets in our solar system that we will encounter this decade: Pluto and Saturn. Now I am not an expert in astrology, nor astronomy, nor physics, but I do spend a lot of time adventuring in the archetypal realm trying to understand and experience the impact that certain archetypal characters (in this case Pluto and Saturn) have on our stories, psychology and actions.

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December already.


The cold winter winds in the Northern hemisphere bring with them cleansing, clearing energies that allow us to retreat within and notice things.


One of the patterns that is being spoken to me on the wind right now is linked to the transforming energy of gifting on the planet right now. I am noticing the illusion of commercialism and consumerism is starting to fade and a new light is coming through. One that is connecting and intimate on the deepest of human levels.

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Throughout 2019, I have found myself in a massive cycle of change and transformation; on every level and in every area of my life. These cycles have come before and seem to be occurring with increasing regularity in the world that we find ourselves inhabiting.


I am going to be really honest now. It has been a crazy, confusing, exhilarating and excruciating period of time where I barely know who, where or what I am from day to day. Just as I think I might have a handle on what is going on and where I am headed, my life throws me something completely new that shakes up the fabric of my story and throws it in the air to see what will settle.

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