On this day of new life


I am grateful


In this moment of new breath


I am grateful


For the past and the lessons it has taught me


I am grateful


For the present and the presence, I AM cultivating


I am grateful


And for my dreams and visions of a beautiful future that keep me going


I am so grateful



This week, we have a lot to be grateful for.

Today – look around you. So many things are blessings.


Tomorrow – no one really knows what will come but we will have choice as to how we participate in the dance of life and what memories we create.


So grateful.


We are living in the end times and the new times.

The change between one story and another.


Disorientating? Massively.

Invigorating? Hugely.


Our journey right now as a human species on Earth is one of choice and accountability.

The stories we choose to believe and live are the ones that shape us and all those around us. I have said this so many times I feel like a broken record. We choose the frequency and tempo of our world. We do this by choosing our thoughts and choosing our emotions. Seem too hard? It’s your human superpower.


So grateful.


One of the gifts of being a conscious human being is choice. The question is, who are we choosing for? Me? We? All life? Hopefully a combination of all of the above and more. Consciousness comes with responsibility.


By knowing who we really are and what kind of life we are creating, we select the timeline, frequency and companions for our journey. We write the play. We act in it. And we review it when it comes to its natural end.


So grateful.


And everyone’s choice is different. That’s what makes for such wonderous diversity across this entire planet. The diversity of our sacred points of view create the weft and weave of the human tapestry. As soon as we can embrace difference, we find ourselves embracing liberation. As soon as we embrace liberation, we embrace evolution.


So grateful.


Magic is revealed through our daily experiences. When we have the eyes to see it and the intuition to know it. We are each magic, playing out in the fields of time. Universal magic. Earthly magic. Human magic makers exploring the vast realms of synchronicity. Our intuition is our guide.


So grateful.


Gratitude itself is old magic.

One that stems from the ancient times before form.

It’s a key that unlocks hidden doors of perception and creation.

We each have this tucked into our heartbox of storymaking tools.


What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for you.


So grateful.

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