Darkness within leads to darkness without.


And boy, aren’t we all seeing and feeling darkness without us in these days?


2020 has been a year of catalysts and triggers. From global pandemics to national political upheaval, economic challenges and environmental breakdown, we have been challenged on every level externally to see the Phoenix nature of the times we find ourselves living in.


But perhaps this isn’t as ‘new’ as we would think…

The reality is that since humans came on to the Earth as a species, we have known similar hardships and challenges.


Our ancestors had to deal with environmental and climate change continually. They also lived through pandemics and pollical wars. Even as recently as our grandparents and great grandparents, we have been dealing with global world wars and uncertainty at every level of life.


This led me to ask the question of ‘what inherent inner human strengths do we possess that always see us through these times of outer strife’?


The answers that came to me as I meditated were –


Memory – ancestral and ancient


Choice – personal and collective


Transcendence – allowing breakdowns to become breakthrough’s


And perhaps the most important of all – Community – the family and friends who sustain and support each of us as we journey through the outer trails and tribulations of life on this exquisite and excruciating planet.


The times of trying to do anything ‘alone’ are over.

The age of the individual is crumbling.


We are now being asked to find inner strength through our relationships with the human and other than human world around us. It’s our communities that will provide the alchemical cauldron within which we will transform our beliefs, stories, organisations and systems into a new gold that can heal, rebalance and restory our world.


We are being asked to remember our ancestors and find strength in their resilience and creativity as they lived through times different and yet similar to us.


We are being invited to choose different paths, timelines and ways of making meaning of the seeming chaos around us that move us all forward into healthier, more balanced ways of living and being.


And we are being asked to reconnect and recreate community at multiple levels of existence – online and on-life – to nurture us and all of us through these times of challenge.



My choice is to embrace what comes to me on a day to day basis and bring that to the council fires of my community, asking for collective guidance, wisdom and support as we learn and evolve.



The story I hold of ‘Me’ needs to transform within the wider context of ‘We’.



I am no longer living for ‘me’ alone and indeed never have been. I am placing ‘me’ in loving service of the various communities of ‘we’ that I find myself lucky enough to be invited into. These communities hold me and help me to grow so that ‘me’ is also served internally from her external commitment to do the same for others.



I am continually asking –


What is the highest form of service’ I/Me can offer here?’



This question fuels me and allows me to remove myself from the illusionary drama cycles that our ‘Me’s’ love to create.


The more I ask this question, the more I experience joy, love and excitement as my life unfolds with magic and mystery around me.


The more I ask this question, the wider my circles of ‘we’ become and expand, including human, nature and cosmic family.


This question leads me to the biggest adventure I am here to live.



When you ask this question what answer do you get?


The answer might just lead you into the greatest adventure of your life.



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