I have an admission to make.


I am an addict.


‘Addicted to what?’ you might wonder.



I have spent most of my adult life running.

Running from one job to another.

From one deadline to the next.

From one place to another.

Often at speed and without any time to stop and enjoy my surroundings.


I was taught early in life that to be busy is to be important.

To have lots on my plate was to be living a full life.


I have since discovered that ‘full’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’, or even ‘responsible’ for that matter.


In our modern world, dominated by endless choice, variety and options, I find myself overfilling my days and fighting an endless current of overwhelm.


Usually, I justify this over-extension of my limited resources by telling a story of impact and service, but this rationale is really just a shade of The Rescuer archetype, masquerading as The Heroine.


“There are so many people who need me – I must help!”


“The world needs me to show up and do everything I possibly can to make it a better place”


“I am privileged to have resources at my finger tips, so it’s my responsibility to dedicate my life to serving / helping / saving!”


And so on.


Does this all sound familiar?


Time for an identity hacking question – are you ready?



What if this is all bullshit?



What if the world doesn’t need me to save it?

What if, the world and everyone in it, is actually going to be ok despite anything I might do to make myself feel important or needed?




A tough one for the ego to take?


Or perhaps not. Perhaps it’s actually liberating to realize that the world doesn’t need saving.


Perhaps letting go of all purpose, drive and my desperate need to save things is the very doorway to my ultimate liberation.


Do I still care about what is happening around me?

Of course I do. I care passionately.


Do I still think that the world will end if I don’t spend every single minute of every day trying to make things better?


No. In fact, I am coming to realise that ‘less’ is actually ‘more’.


Let me explain.


When I am able to pause, tune in, listen to the currents of life unfolding around me, then the action I do take is often so much more effective.


I am focused on what really matters.

I am able to say the words that shift everything in the moment that things need to be shifted.


I am able to breathe fully and allow my body, mind and soul to move in waves of activity and repose, fully engaging with each moment that comes to pass in my life.


I am finding that ‘Less’ really is ‘more’.


What is it that you think you need to be doing so that the world will see you as significant?


Do you think your answer is really true?

Do you?


Why not pause for a moment?


Wait for the right time.


Better yet – enjoy this moment.

This breath.

This experience.


After all – it won’t come again. Not quite like this.

Life is waiting for us to enjoy it.

To rejoice in it.

To restory who and what we think we are.


Or better yet, to move beyond all stories and remember.

Isn’t it time to breathe with me?


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