This morning I woke up before the sun.

Darkness covered the land, and the night creatures were still going about their business.


Moving quietly so as not to disturb, I found my way to a special place in our garden where I could watch the sun rise over the hills.

Closing my eyes, I turned inwards and felt the pulsing currents of Earth energy moving like rivers and streams through the substrata of our planets surface. Sinking downwards, I followed my consciousness through the layers of soil and deep into the core.


Subterranean creatures and beings went about their lives with barely an awareness of my own. I was entering into their realm, much like a traveller coming to a new city for the first time and feeling ignored by its inhabitants who are far more familiar with this terrain.


Rather than being offended in our usual human anthropomorphic (and arrogant way), I allowed the under Earth life to simply continue, relishing my opportunity to observe it without interruption.


There was an exquisite harmony at play.

An intricate order and interconnection between the various elemental beings – crystalline, carbonate, refracted light. All in a magical dance of creation.


Then as I mused on my rather redundant role in this hidden Earth system, a noise in my left ear brought me back to the above realms.


Not suddenly but like a focalising of attention towards a different dimension of being entirely. This creature, whoever it was felt of a different frequency to those around me in the lower worlds.


As I allowed my consciousness to rise once more and rest back in my body, sat feeling the cool Earth beneath me and the kiss of the dawn breeze, I gently opened by eyes and turned my head to behold a tiny Wren, perched next to me on the honeysuckle.


She looked at me with kind eyes and was not afraid.

I was honoured that she would come so close and sit with me.


We gazed at each other and wordlessly I told her how much I appreciated her wild song.

If you have not heard it, the song of the Wren far exceeds what ‘should’ come out of such a tiny bird!


She gazed at me for a while longer and then turned to look at the mountain.

As we both sat in companionable silence, all the sudden I heard her song break forth across the garden.


I almost cried at her gift.


Then with a nod of her head, she flew on her way.


A tear passed down my cheek as the golden rays of the sun kissed the top of the rolling hills in front of me. Bright gold, in sharp contrast to the grey dawn sky beyond. The first rays of dawn sun always seem to be alchemically golden to me when I am lucky enough to observe them.


I was breathless with the stunning, wild beauty of the above world of air and light.


The air swirled around me, lifting my hair, and stroking my cheeks.


It said “You are both above and below – the fusion of within and without. All medicine of this land and this earth is yours brought forth through your loving attention”.


Perhaps that is all that is ever needed.


Loving attention.


In any situation, when we feel deeply connected to all life around us, we become part of that family. We ‘fuse’ with the energy system around us and can dance with it, creating new realities and timelines based on the highest expression of love for all.


So why don’t you try going out and listening to the lands above and the lands below.


See what they have to say to you.

See if you can remember the alchemical magic held in the dawn.

In your loving attention.

In your remembering.


When we listen to the land, we are listening to life itself unfolding.

A wisdom more ancient than the stars.

The original media system of our planet.


In times of perceived chaos when we are looking for answers, this seems like a good place to begin.


Don’t you think?



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