The word ‘regenerative’ is becoming more common in the circles I am moving within these days, but what does it mean?


Like many words – it has multiple interpretations depending on the context and culture within which people are using it. Whether this is an organisation that is striving to become more sustainable and resilient in these times of transformation or a person who is moving away from a dis-ease and towards health, regeneration is multi-layered in its meaning and application.


Whatever the application, regeneration has a Phoenix-like quality.


Currently, I am regenerating my body. Since the start of lockdown, I have been in a process of detoxing old habits of eating, drinking, rushing, bypassing, and denying the very things that were causing stress and dis-ease in my life. It has been a deeply humbling process where I have been forced to face my shadows and embrace where I was out of integrity with the values and ethics that I hold dear.


To regenerate, I first had to let go.


I stopped drinking alcohol.


I took gluten and dairy out of my diet.


I started to prioritise sleep and ensure that the environments that I rest in are clear and free of electromagnetic pollution such as Wifi.


I took a deep dive into my unconscious shadows and put a spotlight on the old patterns in my relationships that were unhealthy and adolescent.



Regeneration at its core involves death and release. It sparks renewal and a return to health but always at higher levels than in the past. This is a process that requires our active participation.


Unless we can let go of the old stories and habits that have been keeping us stuck, then there is no space and place for new ones to spring forth. We must humbly surrender old survival and protection routines so that we can allow new strengths and evolutionary skills to break through us.


These habits will fight us on a daily basis to stay alive, but we are the only ones that can see, acknowledge and disarm them. This is a tenacious task from which there is no running away. People around us will play the role of saboteur and we will project our inner patterns on to them relentlessly. This is all part of the process of helping us to reclaim our sense of sovereignty and self-responsibility. We start giving more back to life than we are taking and feel our true purpose breaking through.


Once we can begin the quest to let go (often in layers over time), then we start opening new spaces within us to try on new stories and practices.


Any healthy ecosystem creates space for innovation and experimentation in order to discover the new species, habits and patterns that will help it to evolve.


As human beings, we are no different.


Once I had started to release that which no longer served me, new places, people, work & opportunities started to flow through like a river into my life.


I am now moving home to a whole new part of the UK – a quest that will take me deeply into a new story.


I  am healthier than I have ever been physically, mentally & emotionally, and feel deeply rooted in my sense of soul. Confident in my ability to flow through life’s challenges with grace and grit.


My work is blossoming in wholly new directions that were not there before lockdown began and have sprung forth from my choice to choose a purpose greater than the one I have previously been living.


And my identity is unraveling and transforming completely beyond anything I have ever known.



I am excited.

Beyond excited, I am free



Living a regenerative life means embracing the Phoenix energy in everything.


Constantly dying and constantly being reborn.


Living free from the constraints of our old stories because they are transitory and forever changing.


Loving unconditionally because we know that at any moment things will change.


So why would we be and do anything less?



Ready to become regenerative?


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