Moon magic

The great celestial Queen

Mystery embodied

Illuminating the parts of us unseen




The moon has been romancing me.


She has been stalking me in the depths of the night and the creeping light of the winter dawns.


She has been coaxing me into the depths of my subconscious and reminding me that I agreed to go there.



Before I came here.


I agreed to go everywhere.


And yet have been avoiding some where’s.


Not every where.


But certainly, there are certain where’s that I am not wishing to spend too much time with.




The moon will chase us when we are running away from that which we need to help us grow.


She will ask us to go into the darkness and face ourselves there.


To dive into the depths of our story and find new truths.


To walk into the darkness without a light, trusting that we will return renewed.



The moon shows us our initiations.


Our tests.


Our courage.


Our fears.


Our denials.



We are asked to confront ourselves in the darkness and look into the mirror of everything we don’t want to see.


For those of us brave enough to walk in the dark light of the moon, we find that this scarce illumination is all we need to find our way.


We see that shadows are simply reflections of our mind.


That everything we are afraid of, is our own creation.

And when we face it, we see that it shrinks back into the raw fabric of illusion.



Lunar magic


Inner magic



We are invited to find ourselves in the darkness.

To embrace every part of our beingness.

And to walk as happily in the dark as we do in the light.



Lunar magic


The doorway to freedom


From the illusions of the day

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