The power to change is in the subtle – which is why most people miss it.


This month, I journeyed to Sacred Ground International in Montana, US. It is a place beyond time. A space full of respect and honour for all life. A place where the teaching comes fast for those who are able to embrace and hold it. I think of the land as the portal into the deepest story we are capable of imagining and sensing.


My friend and aunt Tanah Whitemore is Sacred Ground’s guardian and matriarch. She grew up here. She came back when called to nurture the land and midwife the strong herd of buffalo that roam the slopes of Mother Mountain in the Pryor range of the Rockies. The energy here is unlike any other on the face of this beautiful Earth. It has an ability to hold you to your truth, like an ancient mirror reflecting the stories that you tried to forget amongst the human noise of life.


And boy, did I forget!


It’s amazing to me how much we are able to cover over our discomfort and quash the memories that ultimately will liberate us. No matter how good we become at listening to the voice of our soul, or of diving into the dark of our unconscious, there is always more to be discovered. The events and experiences that hold us back from making massive change are often the last places that we wish to look for the fuel of our future visionary fires.


On this occasion, the memory I was offered came from a place far back in my childhood. It was one that I had buried deeply in the recesses of my memory chests. Difficult – yes. Painful – potentially. But it also offered a choice. (For this blog, I won’t delve into the content of the story as much as offer my insights into the experience, for this was by far the more powerful aspect of this narrative transformation).


As I remembered past pain and trauma, I became aware that I was being offered a micro-moment of transformation. In the seconds between tears and anger, I was being offered a choice – to select the story lens through which I would hold this memory into my future.


Would it be trauma or transformation? Victim, or heroine?

The choice was mine.


As soon as I became aware of it, the micro-moment in between story and choice seemed to stretch on for hours rather than seconds. I saw my memory as if it were made of golden threads belonging to a shawl I had forgotten I was weaving. At was as if I was being offered a choice of ‘patterns’ that would affect who I was in the world from here on in.


Make your choice carefully”, the land said to me. “From your choice everything will change.”


“Can it really be this simple?” I asked.
“Can I really overcome the legacy of my past with a single choice made in the present?”




Power lies in split-second decisions to choose our truth and follow it.


Change more often comes from letting stories go rather than building more drama and meaning into them.


“The world doesn’t need another victim story,” I decided in that micro-moment.
“The world needs me to be free.”


Tanah has repeatedly said to me over the years – “The power to change lives in the subtle”,

She is so right and this is why most of us miss it. You can change your whole story in a single moment of choice. You can choose the truth you wish to live in the world.


Do you want to know your truth? Then decide to seek it.
Seek it relentlessly.
Seek what lies beyond who you think you are.
Seek the memories that you have suppressed, because in them lies your greatest power to transform.


The power to change lies in the micro-moments between events. It is in the space in between the weaving of your story threads.


Do you want to become aware of these moments?
Come into the restorying with us.


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