Does anyone else feel like they are living in a hall of mirrors lately?


In fact, over the last year, it has become increasingly obvious to me that the Universe around us is reflecting back in the molecular structure of our lives the very beliefs, stories and thinking that we are consciously or unconsciously allowing to exist in our fields.


A few years ago I was sat with my uncle Izzy Zephier (Chief Black Spotted Horse) in the Ramkota Inn in Rapid City, South Dakota. We were having breakfast when he stopped mid-sentence and asked me to pull down the blinds on the window that showed a bleak January day outside.


I did so and after a moment’s pause, (I have learned over the years that Elders will reveal what they wish, when they wish), he looked at me and said “I am sad for them. The spirits of our ancestors believed in hell in their living and now get to experience it in their dying. But it’s not how they expected it to be. Hell for them is now walking in a world of illusion beyond death, waiting for the light that they never truly believed in will come and save them”.


I was stunned.


The realisation that our stories persist in experience beyond physical life had never occurred to me at this stage and now I was seeing just how pervasive and powerful the narratives we live by are in co-creating the present and futures that we live (and die).


Quantum physics will tell you that we are all made of molecules.

These molecules have an intelligence that we are only just starting to sense as humans.


Our stories interact with the molecules of our bodies, the molecules of our communities and families and the molecules of our dreams and visions attracting them to us. Whether these visions and intentions are ‘dark’ or ‘light’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘dualistic’ or ‘unified’ is a judgement call that our stories make.


The molecular structure of our Universe is neutral or even loving.

It allows us an energetic playground within which to see what lessons we are creating and learning through the daily (and life to life) adventures we have.


So back to the hall of mirrors.

What in your life right now are you fighting?


Where is the root of that story that is commanding the molecular experience?


This weekend we enter the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere. The longest day of light in the annual cycle.


Solstices give us the opportunity to examine the stories we are living and do an internal energetic cleaning of anything we wish to transform for the coming three-month cycle until the following Equinox.


The day of maximum light provides us with a mirror of truth that we can investigate if we are brave enough and see the reflection of the beliefs that are governing our world.


We are given these opportunities throughout the year to cleanse and clear our subconscious programming to manifest the life we wish to live. One that is in alignment with our soul and our deep divine truth.


Those of us who are not brave enough to look in the mirror, end up living lives of distraction and dis-ease only to pass beyond the realm of physical form and live that reality beyond ‘death’.


I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to deal with my lessons and shadows in this life so that I can move on to a new adventure beyond it.


No matter how bleak and dark, or exciting and hopeful the world around us seems, we are the ones who choose how we respond and experience life. Our molecules are simply waiting for conscious instruction and intention to lead them.


So, what life and death story will you choose?


Will you look into the mirror of your own beliefs?


I have started to carry a pocket mirror around with me to do just that.

And the mirror is called my soul.

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