This week, while I’m away vision questing in the forest, I’ve asked young Storyhacker Lola (age 9) to share with us her wisdom on life. Here are her rules to live by. 



5 Things For A Good Life


 The Nice One

Be loving. Try to be loving even if your little brother/sister is being a complete nightmare (older siblings too!) As my Mum says “choose love”.


The Violent (ish) One

Sword fighting, martial arts – just can’t get better than a good sword fight. (wooden swords of course, or light sabres).


 The Screen-y One

Watching a great movie, pretty much anything is good for me. (Just can’t beat Star Wars though).


The Food-y One

Eating good food. For me that’s pizza, chips, pasta (I’m a picky eater).


The Friend-y one

Having good friends, its fine even if you only have 1 or 2 good friends. (It’s quality not quantity that counts).





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