Today, I broke camp in the wilds of Wales where I have been playing with my family for a week. It has been a joy sleeping on the land for 7 nights and allowing my body, mind, and soul to adjust to the natural rhythms of the elements of life.


I have found that I slept more deeply and fully.


I ate less and enjoyed my food more.


My emotions have settled into a smooth tempo where the crests and dips of the waves are rolling and flowing naturally – never getting stuck nor heavy. Like the waves of the ocean at play.


Natural rhythm, natural law.


And all week I have been surrounded by the feathers and calls of one of my first ever medicine animals – the crow.


Years ago, I was blessed to walk out of the front door of the Sprucetree Cabin in Colorado where I was staying to find a crow had died and offered her medicine to me. Ever since then, the Crow has been a constant companion.


Crow medicine is profound and deep.


“Crow represents the gateway to the supernatural and knows the unknowable mysteries of all sacred law.” Jamie Sams


But what is ‘sacred law’ or as I prefer to say, ‘natural law’.


Well – the first place I start is to distinguish this ‘natural law’ from ‘human law’. Human law is laden with cultural norms, moral narratives and bound by the current socially acceptable code of conduct that we happen to be affiliated with in our human communities.


Natural law on the other hand transcends all human story and bases its foundations on the Universal laws of creation and evolution, (and therefore also destruction). It is paradoxical and mysterious to our human minds. It moves us from the personal into the trans-personal and asks us to root our experiences in a truth of interconnection, unity, and cosmic evolutionary cycles.


This is certainly a very different way to live than that which most of us have been socialised into.


It means we must trust to a greater power of creation than that to which we typically have become identified with in our human form.


We must trust the Universe around us and place the trajectory of our lives into the flow of our soul path and deep purpose – often we do not know where this is leading us but have an innate sense of the ‘rightness’ of our actions and our journey.


Crow shows up when we are being asked to pay deep attention to the stories we are living by. Are we living according to human law (and therefore being limited by such) or are we trusting that natural / universal law is guiding us back to the expanse of the ocean?


On leaving the campsite today, I went with my parents to Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire. A beautiful and powerful place, I laughed in delight to find that the ground inside and out of the castle walls were covered in Crow feathers.


In fact, the crows are cawing outside of my window right now as I write these very words.


So, am I listening to natural law?

Of course.


And trusting that my path is guided and blessed by the mystery and magic of my soul.


Will you listen to natural law when it presents itself?

Or will you continue to be bound by human law?


I know which path I will be travelling.

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