Just before my 12th birthday something (or someone) started to call me deep inside. It was like a soft undulating whisper in the night; an elusive shadow moving in the afternoon shade. Sometimes the presence would be so tangible I would imagine a beautiful woman was walking beside me as I played in the meadows and garden behind the cottage. She would whisper myths to me: stories of the sun, the moon and the cycles of time as they passed through the living beings of the earth.


After playing with the woman, I would imagine the special quest I had been given to fulfill in this lifetime. What gift I was here to bring to the world. My only guides were the things I loved and felt drawn to. I would sit for hours staring out of my bedroom window at the moon and stars. Or sitting on the hilltop with our dog, watching the sun go down in a blaze of shining light. I would ask the moon or sunlight to light me up from the inside, showing me the way to my destiny.


By this time my belief in the magic and mystery of life had taken strong roots. My mothers endless joy in ‘being’ supported this story. My continual longing for the wildness of the earth had also opened a doorway in my psyche to the healing and nurturing forces of nature. The magnetic draw of earth’s mysteries allowed me to hear the voice of the wild non-human world. As I searched to find a system of belief and ritual that bound together all the things I felt deep inside, I intuitively knew that it had to be connected to the rhythms and cycles of the earth.


In my quest for answers, I became entranced with several indigenous earth based religions and ritual practices as a way of delving more deeply into the mystery of the world. My family had never been religious in any way or form, and so I had been blessed to grow up without any prevalent dogma or spiritual handbook. As a result, I felt free to find my own way and indeed was encouraged to do so by both of my parents. My father – coming from an anthropological perspective – started to take me to museums where I soaked up ancient Egyptian, Native American and Greek mythologies like a sponge.


My mother was the one who pushed me out of the front door to play and find things out by ‘doing’. It was with her loving instruction that I began to gather herbs and healing plants, and experiment with tinctures and potions and started to discover my own indigeny. I fell in love with moon lore, natural herbal magic and the movements of the stars. I began to observe simple ceremonies, marking the passing of the seasons, important rites of passage (such as my first period) and intentions to manifest my deepest longing and wishes. All the while, the presence of the grandmother-like spirit seemed to guide me onwards, leading me deeper into earth wisdom. I began to feel at home within myself; a gift that I wouldn’t truly value for many years. Yet I kept my spiritual practices and experiences a secret for fear of what others would think if I spoke of them openly. I wasn’t that brave. At least not then.


I have walked many roads since then and have been blessed to meet many wisdom keepers. So much of the work I now do through Beyond Human Stories focuses on the principle of remembering and reconnecting to the voice of the earth and our sense of home on the lands in which we live.



What does it mean to walk in a sacred way to you?

How do you stop and listen to the voice of the seasons and natural cycles happening around and through you?

What does it mean to be a human within our earth family?



Why not join us in June for a new online quest?

The Reconnection Journey – over 12 weeks we will explore and rediscover how to listen to the voice of the earth, whilst deepening our connection to our own inner wisdom and the secret language of our souls. We will rediscover how to heal every aspect of our lives from the inside out.

For good.


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  • Linda May 5, 2018   Reply →

    Love your writings..
    Close to my heart..????????????????????

    • Genevieve Boast May 5, 2018   Reply →

      Thanks Linda! Means so much to me that you are reading them and resonating! May we all reconnect to the voice of our inner and outer nature in new and profound ways!

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