“Stories are like the water in which we swim, all pervasive land yet easily imperceptible”


This year has felt like a whirlpool of change.


Largely it has been out of our personal control and yet, calling each and every one of us to take greater responsibility for the stories within which we choose to swim.


The noise of the media has grown ever louder as various narratives compete for our mental, emotional and physical attention. The mythic landscape that underpins our human understanding of the world is in a state of death and rebirth. Therefore the foundations upon which much of our social structure has been built are crumbling and we are being forced to look at the choices we are making as to where we put our energy and how we create and craft our lives within the wider ocean of emerging potential.


All sounds a bit ‘high brow’?


Let me bring it back down to Earth.


How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?











This is something worth paying attention to.


Your attention first thing before you reach for your phone or reconnect to your identity is very telling as to the underlying stories you are currently living and swimming within.

What’s the first thing you typically do as you wake?


Launch into social media?


Look at the various What’s App messages you have received from your community?


Or make yourself a cup of something warm and take a shower to come fully into your body?


Whatever choice you are making is laying the foundations for the day you are about to embody and inhabit and the story about yourself and the world that you are allowing to guide your beliefs, decisions and actions.


Now the thing with stories is that they are all partial.


‘Truth’ in the human understanding of this is mostly relative and highly subjective. As my grandfather used to say ‘history is biography’.


News is narrative by its nature, governed and shaped by whatever agenda is being posited.

Social norms are simply stories that have been agreed on as relative truths by a large number of free thinking people.


But when these stories no longer fit the environment or pool within which we are evolving, they start to die out. As consciousness evolves, as do our values and narratives but like any innovation there is a cycle and pattern by which they infuse the existing mythic landscape and start to metamorphosise the guiding principles and beliefs.


Like homeopathy, where a small drop of a new infusion transforms the entire vessel and its contents, there is an emerging story of interconnection and interbeing that is brewing.


So choose your medicine.

Make your own tea.


We are being asked to become aware of the partial nature of all stories being told during these times of global change.


We are being called to do our research, hone our discernment and inquire into the real nature of ‘truth’ emerging across the world.


Instead of just consuming ‘news’ which is actually story in various forms of articulation, let’s start to become aware of the tidal pools of our communities and the new waters of innovation that are starting to flow into them.


Choose the waters of your life carefully.


It’s up to you whether they are fresh or stagnant, healing or poisoned.

New stories are ready to flood into our world and our lives.


Are you ready to surf their waves?

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