Rarely do I allow myself the liberation of this statement, but I have found that saying it out loud is one the fastest routes to manifestation.


Why? Because held within it is one of the magical keys to the whole Universe…. SURRENDER.

For most of our human lives we run around making plans, tackling endless ‘to do’ lists (that never get fully done), and stressing ourselves out because nothing seems to ever go the way that we plan it.



Or nothing happens as fast our impatient mind and adrenaline addicted nervous system would like it to.



But what if our stories of control are the very thing that are sabotaging the vast energy of the Universe flowing to the objects / projects / people / outcomes that we desire?



What if, every time we tell ourselves a story of ‘I have to make this happen’, or ‘if I don’t do this now, everything will fall apart’ that we are actually creating stagnation, delays and confusion?



Be honest – how many times have you felt in the last week that you ‘HAVE to be working harder’ or felt a stab of guilt when you thought that you ‘SHOULD be doing something’?



Frequently I can imagine. We all do it. It’s how our society hard wires us for perpetual discomfort.



The key to breaking the cycle of overwhelm, stress and dis-ease is all to do with release. Specifically the release of human control.



Yes, I know that’s the very thing you secretly (or not so secretly) fear to let go of.



But you have to. We all do.

Without letting go, we never transform.

We cling.


Does a caterpillar cling to its old form?

Does a tree glue all its leaves on to stop them from falling?

Does a Phoenix refuse to die in order to be reborn?




So perhaps it’s time for us to follow the wisdom of nature.

Perhaps, letting go is built into the evolutionary DNA on this planet.



Surrendering to the transformative forces of metamorphosis requires that we let go of everything we have ever known or that makes us feel safe and jump off into the unknown of a new personality, a new home, a new adventure, a new relationship…. new everything.



Tim Ferriss once said that ‘everything we wish for exists outside of our comfort zone’.



In order to jump outside of our comfort zone, we must surrender to the forces of transformation that are waiting to take us to a new shore on our human adventure.



Come what may, the release of control always precedes awakening, adventure and enlightenment.




It will be more than okay.



Give in.

Give in to life that is waiting to find you!



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