So we have jumped off the cliff into potential annihilation (of our way of life and ego identity).


We have crossed the threshold and entered into the forest of our imagination, seeking a new vision of what is possible.


And we are lost.

Well and truly lost.


We feel confusion, despair, doubt.


And this is exactly how it should be.

The second stage of any Vision Quest journey is to let go of everything we have been, everything we think we know, every comfort zone blanket that we have ever packed into the suitcases of our stories throughout our life.


We must become naked and vulnerable in order for the next stage of the journey to take hold.


And know that once the underworld dog has hold, it will shake us around like a rag doll, until we surrender.


Then it will come and embrace us, licking our wounds and restorying us to a whole new person.


But we must let go of everything we thought we had come here to be and do, in order that our real story can emerge from our self-made cocoon.


“As within, so without”


This is a favourite hermetic axiom of mine.


Every belief, thought and story that you have been secretly holding within your conscious and unconscious comes out to be transformed in the second stage of the Vision Quest journey.


The microcosm of our inner landscape suddenly becomes magnified in the macrocosm of the environment around us.


The tree’s become characters in our play.

The ground beneath our feet solidifies or crumbles dependant on how we feel inside.

The inhabitants of the forest are friendly or menacing based on our beliefs that make them so.


We see that our thoughts and choices create everything around and within us.


And we see how society and humanity has come to the point in our story where we can choose differently.


Or not.


Ultimately we must reclaim our sovereignty and know that we can only ever choose for ourselves.


From here – the whole world changes.


Join Giles Hutchins and I for the second instalment of the Restorying Life Podcast – Tea Sessions where we explore The Journey.


You’ll find it on Soundcloud, Itunes or Radio Public. Dive in !










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