I am sat in my hotel room in Athens.

The delicious noise of the city outside, flourishing with life and light.

The sound of the Mediterranean Sea gently lapping the shoreline over my shoulder.

The Athenian mountains rising in the distance.

I have arrived.


When I embark on new adventures, I never know where the path will lead me or what amazing array of fellow travellers will join hands and hearts with me as we journey into new territory. Much like the archetype of The Fool, the first step always involves saying ‘yes’ to the adventure itself. From there, the rest flows like the course and current of a river, taking me to a new sense of self and community. If I surrender completely to the experience, I will emerge forever changed.


So I am here at the WIN Conference on Pioneering The Future. A bold statement. One that is much needed in our times of seeming chaos and transformation.


I am here to co-sense and co-design a new feminine story of leadership.

Its essence has been emerging for many years now across the world through both women and men. From the early days of campaigning for social equality and mobility to the growing gender fluidity movements; the multiplicity of the story is in itself evolving.


We are in a time of restorying and rebalancing what we feel it means to be a man/woman, a human, a leader, a global citizen. This is a complex weave of ethics, values and desires that means we need to be constantly aware of our unique story of Me, within the wider social narrative of We. The ‘We’ in this context, is the social river in which we swim and navigate our way through life. The Me is the identity, value systems and vision that each of us uniquely holds and lives; our gift back to the human story.


In order to transform our story of Me and, therefore, We, we must restory where we are now, in order to travel like a pioneer into a new future. Restorying requires that we harvest the best of the old and use it as the fertile soil within which to plant our seeds of future vision. The best of the ‘old stories’ can take us a long way back into history and prehistory. Into myth and cosmology.


Stories such as Inanna’s descent into the underworld in search of her masculine lover Tammuz demonstrate a different balance of vision and power between the genders. An undying knowledge held in the feminine pole of the universal nature of life, death and rebirth. Of love and commitment. Of surrender and liberation.


Isis and her tireless journey to re-member and resurrect her husband Osiris, shows us the dedication and loyalty of the feminine to the highest aspects of the masculine and her magical skills in bringing them and him back from the dead.


Pistas Sophia, her name meaning Faith Wisdom, refused to be repressed in the underworld and sought the higher light 24 times, allowing her consort the Christ Logos to reach out and elevate her to the highest light of creation. It was her refusal to forget and be repressed by the lower forces of darkness that allowed her light to be found and elevated forever.


The old stories provide us with clues as to how we might harness ancestral wisdom to pioneer a future vision for men and women that unites us inside and out.


With all the recent initiatives to catalyse, support and nurture female leadership in organisations, communities and education, perhaps it is the inherent feminine faith, wisdom and magic within all beings that will ultimately resurrect and rebalance a new future between the sexes, humans and nature and all life on our planet?




I am looking forwards to seeing how my time in Athens serves to restorying who I know myself to be as a leader.


From there, my whole world will change.




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