I have found myself pondering meta-myths lately.

You know, the ones that keep showing up in different forms, with different faces?

The ones that appear in our collective dreams in archetypal form and haunt us for days with their subtle power.


One that has stalked me of late has been that of Pistas Sophia – the fallen female Christ.


In this tale, Pistas Sophia finds her faith, trust and wisdom being tested on all fronts. She is repressed, challenged, violated and beaten, again and again. Yet always she rises.


She moves from victimhood to vibrancy, again and again.

She declares her truth as the ‘higher light’ 24 times in total and refuses to be swayed by the distractions of the darkness.


In a time on Earth where the feminine force of creativity is rising once again, Pistas Sophia, presents to men and women, a model of hope, tenacity and ultimate strength.


She asks us to repeatedly say,


“It stops here with us.


The destruction, the violations, the theft of the future from our children.


It stops here.

No more.”


I share with you here the transcript of my version of the Pistas Sophia meta-myth in words and sound for you to contemplate. She came to me as I flew to a women’s conference in Athens last week (WINConference 2019) and she spoke through me to the 300 strong audience of international feminine leaders. Her story prompted tears, joy and liberation.


Here now she speaks to you.


My name is Pistas Sophia – in your language it means Faith Wisdom.

I am older than the stars and born again with each dawning day.


I am the hidden one.

The peace within breath.

The codes within life.

The flame of fire within your breast.


It happened a long time ago that, whilst dwelling in the Thirteenth Aeon, I saw the Light of perfect creation shining like a vision on the veil of this world and all others.

I started singing praises to that Light.

The one light above all others yet within which all are contained.

Yet there were many who were threatened by my vision of unity.


The Self-Centered One started to hate me, as did the shadows below him. The Self-Centered One conceived a ruse to trick me into forgetting.

He led me to look below and there I saw the light of a being called the Lion-Faced Power. I had no knowing that it was a projection of the Self-Centered One and decided to seek it, believing it to be the higher light.

The mystery pulled me down into the depths of matter and time.

Memory faded and truth was obscured. 


I travelled below without my consort, without my family, thinking that it would enable me to go to the Light of perfect creation.

I was mistaken.

I descended from my place of origin in the thirteenth Aeon and was dragged further and further down into the chaos of the world of separation, with the emanations of the Self-Centered One and his shadows relentlessly chasing after me.

Again and again they tried to take my light away.

The repressed me.

They stole from me strength and courage.

They ravished my trust.

They distracted me with illusions.

They tried to silence me and steal my light.


Yet with each fall, I called out the name of the higher light of creation.

With each injury, I refused to be vanquished.

With each repression, I grew more resolute.

With each veil lifted, my truth grew yet stronger.


24 times I was repressed and 24 times I cried out for the higher light.

24 times I was subdued and 24 times I broke free.

24 times I died and 24 times I was reborn.

24 times I forgot and 24 times I re-membered myself.


On the 24th cycle, I beheld a figure of light shining above me.

Calling me.

Reminding me.

Empowering my self-gnosis.


On the 24th cycle, my brother in the higher light mirrored to me my inherent wisdom.

Met me in my faith.

Loved the flame of my essence into a blazing fire.

Reached out a hand and embraced me in a circle of illumination.


From here, I could forget the truth no more.

For I am YOU.

Together we remember.

And today is a 24th day.


This story is also available to download in audio for those of you who wish to hear Pistas Sophia speak aloud.



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