You know that feeling when you just can’t find the right words?


Yep – as a story-worker I have it all the time.


Sometimes language and our social conventions are too restrictive to accurately describe the beauty and joy of our experiences. When we are overcome by a vision or an epiphany, words are hard to come by. They seem clumsy in comparison to the magnitude and depth of our experiences. Here is where poetry enters.


I have just had the intense pleasure of spending 3 weeks on the road travelling through some of my favourite country on Earth. As I drove, walked and quested through the mountains of Colorado and Montana, I was reminded of the things that touch me so deeply they bring tears to my eyes. Tears of beauty and grace.


I experienced countless simple yet profound moments of pausing to feel, commune and be taught by nature.


I felt intense gratitude for the moments of ‘miracles’ when I heard the voice of the Universe speaking to me loud and clear.


When I felt the currents of excitement, magic and vital life force being mirrored back to me in another’s eyes.


This is a piece that I originally wrote in 2013. It’s a poem that I stumbled across, searching through old files in preparation for the writing of my second book which begins this week. It was written fresh off a Vision Quest in the canyon lands of Utah when I had returned raw and real from the wilderness with a new understanding of who I was and why I was here.


I share with the intention of sparking your own process of remembering and expressing these moments of magic. I offer it as a seed of inspiration for your own journey down the trail of life.



Mountain Sunrise

Utah, 2013


Dark stillness

Sensing the sleeping trees

The deep consciousness of the stone people

The bones of the Earth, waiting to teach



Fingers of light begin opening slowly across the tapestry of land

Like a palm spreading in friendship

Inviting communion

A glowing orange light growing over the distant mountain

We have arrived once again


Stars shimmer their farewell to the Earth peoples below

Clouds drifting across the sky, welcoming the new day

I lay silent as the trees

Embraced by soil



Deep peace within me and the heart of all things

The promise of renewed light

Within the sacred soul of the universe

We witness the coming of the sun

I am his daughter


Mountain stillness

Within which all life is found

Deep wisdom arises

As I am inside and outside of passing time

I am loved by life


I am one with the wild mountain

I am beloved of the sun

I am kissed by my lover the wind

Sat here in this place of peace

I am one




Ready to remember?

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